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  1. Slawdawgz

    Team swapping

    I am sure the auto balancing / change teams will be available on EA Feb 1. Not a big deal. But I Agree. I also had a 5 v 1 (on Arcade)and the only way around it was to quite and rejoin. Its beta though. You got to expect these things and discuss so they can fix. Its not meant to be smooth so we can just play and have fun yet.
  2. Slawdawgz

    Minimap is over detailed

    I also agree with both points
  3. Slawdawgz

    Old Gamer from Oz Saying Hi

    Hi All, Just wanted to make my first post to say Hi. I came across this game after playing Cod 2/4 and not touching one till I just got Cod WW2. Needless to say i was disapointed in the play style. I was coming some forums and saw a link to this game a few days back and all i have been doing is reading watching videos and interviews. Quite looking forward to seeing this come out. Will there be servers in Australia? Thanks all