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    I got i7 2600k, 16gb ram, gtx660 ti, 144 fps stable on full low 1280x1024 (I'm playing on 2TB HDD). Google up run commands fo the game it gave me an extra 50 fps.
  2. Hello there. This idea comes from CoD2&CoD4, this implementation would be most likely make the current movement system more dynamic, players would have different playstyles depending on their movement. I wont talk much about it, here is a small video, if you have played CoD2/CoD4, you know how useful this can be, especially how useful it was in CoD2 for prefire peeks. Here is the presentation, excuse the annoying guy talking in the background, just ignore him, but what's he's saying is basically the reason of this thread. (0:25 and so on)