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    Generally irritated

    I got i7 2600k, 16gb ram, gtx660 ti, 144 fps stable on full low 1280x1024 (I'm playing on 2TB HDD). Google up run commands fo the game it gave me an extra 50 fps.
  2. Hello there. This idea comes from CoD2&CoD4, this implementation would be most likely make the current movement system more dynamic, players would have different playstyles depending on their movement. I wont talk much about it, here is a small video, if you have played CoD2/CoD4, you know how useful this can be, especially how useful it was in CoD2 for prefire peeks. Here is the presentation, excuse the annoying guy talking in the background, just ignore him, but what's he's saying is basically the reason of this thread. (0:25 and so on)
  3. whadez

    Anticheat guys

    Wow that escalated @Quickly.
  4. whadez

    fps question

    I'm having the same issue. FPS constantly drops below 30 for a second, and then backs up to 70ish up to 120. It's unplayable, for example when I start shooting at someone, and he shoots back, game just freezes, and then goes normally afterall. I had the same issue in both Alpha and Beta, I had big hopes for this Q1 " Stability & Performance " Update, but looks like it didn't help at all. I also close the launcher at every start, got everything on low, no matter what resolution I use, I get this lag. Temperatures are all okay, other games such as CSGO runs at 120 minimum on low. My specs: E5450 @ 3.80GHz GTX 660 Ti TOP OC 8GB RAM Looks like you can't play this game on a LGA775 socket computer. >.< Does anybody else has similar spec as I do, and experiencing the same issue ?
  5. GunZ, CoD4. Actually by reading GunZ it brought up so much memories, I remember having 2.5 KD and destroying everybody by spamming latedash lmao.
  6. whadez

    My two cents

    I feel like the 45s is totally ok, as long as the maps are small. But it takes around 20-25 seconds to rotate from a bomb site to the other, which in fact consumes a lot of time. In CoD4 it took around couple of seconds depending on your movement / current situation that you were in. So either have some smaller maps, or add some extra seconds to the bomb explosion timer.