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  1. Battalion weird lag

    Definitely not a fps lag. His fps is fine, i've read some guys experience this problem as well.
  2. In-Game Resolution

    At first i didn't have an option for resolution 1080p and above. Solution i've found myself: Try to change your native resolution to a higher one in display settings (on desktop-right click) and then start your game (bat1944).
  3. Currently downloading the beta...

    @laexR yes it is working now, unfortunate i can't play arcade. It gives an error.
  4. Currently downloading the beta...

    @laexR man It's been 3 hours and still downloading... Well it also depends where I live and if I'm not that far from the provider.
  5. Currently downloading the beta...

    @merl Okay, thanks man!
  6. Guys, I am currently downloading the beta but i'm wondering if i still have to download the whole game(early access) on 1st of February after buying it? Because it's almost 7GB and It takes too long to download. Thank you! also to the one who gave me a key