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  1. Which maps do you want?

    City Streets was a great map imo, loved the layout of the map. Easy rotations through market etc, except cant remember what bombsite it was close to T spawn where you could get nuked by all the cars
  2. Nope, we are fully aware that you are talking about never wanting to get 1shot on close range by a sniper and if that were the case for me personaly I feel it would take alot away from the game.
  3. I think you are the one who can't read because we are paying attention to it (read the last sentence of my first post = i dont agree with what you are saying). And the reason why we don't agree is because none of us have ever played a game before where you wouldn't get a kill in that situation. Ranges generaly shouldn't matter since we arent playing PUBG or Battlefield.
  4. There is luck involved (as with everything) but is it still called luck if someone is able to consistently do it because he practices sniper 8h a day? I dont think so. For me that is called mastery of the gun and this kind of change would actualy take away from the skill in the game and nerf sniper and rifles really hard. If you hit a guy on torso/pelvis/head w/e you deserve a kill imo.
  5. Corsair K70 Vengeance, I love it.
  6. signed up, time to say a few hail mary's
  7. Battle Cry

    The MoHAA taunt system was really good, basicaly pressing V brought up a menu. Within the first menu you could chose what type of taunt you wanted to use, such as team commands, normal taunts, team taunts, etc. Then you had another menu opening with the taunt you'd be using. You can see the commands here: http://www.mohaaaa.co.uk/AAAAMOHAA/MOHAA-GUIDE/Appendixes/Appendix 2 - List of in-game Taunts/mohaa voice taunts.txt Here is a clip for all the German taunts with all the different models