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  1. T.I.M.Warfare Clan ITA/ENG

    Thanks Razor, good luck to you too
  2. T.I.M.Warfare Clan ITA/ENG

    Thanks a lot
  3. T.I.M.Warfare Clan ITA/ENG

    Hi guys, i'm triccotricco an italian player and i'm the leader of T.I.M.Warfare Clan. The team was founded on ps3 around march 2010 by me, gratefuldead and maxmaverick69. At the time we played mw2/mw3 with other members until 2012. After that year things started to change, i've enlisted new people and we did lots of clan wars on bo2, on 2016 i founded a new section of the team on the PC, and we did some more clan wars. At the moment we're playing BO2, cod4 Promod and CSGO, we are planning to play competitively on battalion so we are waiting for its release. If you are interested let me know on Steam or join my discord so i can tell you more about my clan Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/timwarfareghost My discord: https://discord.gg/Nr3Epmh
  4. Ita Player

    I'm also italian but sadly i couldn't play the Alpha and i'm waiting for the release, but me and my clan are planning to play competitively on battalion so if you and your friends are interested to join let me know my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/timwarfareghost