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  1. qozmyox

    Ping spikes

    Hello, does this happens with all servers? I have the same issue but its on certain servers on match making , so its like 2match I'm ok ( or it happens few times ) and then 1match I have lag spikes rapidly.
  2. qozmyox

    Early access discount

    I don't think if developers can do anything about this , try to contact Steam instead .
  3. Hello community . I'm looking to buy a private server for myself , but I'm willing to pay with bitcoins. do you guys know any game server provider who accepts bitcoin ? thank you
  4. qozmyox

    Iranian IP Limitations?

    PARSONLINE ps : message me on forum CONFIRMATION : I have tried with two ISP myself and 1 ISP with another friend , game is working properly . THANK YOU BULKHEAD
  5. qozmyox

    Iranian IP Limitations?

    already done http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198003423453/recommended/489940/
  6. qozmyox

    Iranian IP Limitations?

  7. qozmyox

    Do you have a plan on putting ASIA/SEA Server ASAP?

    Sorry I dont know , He talked about present tense and he said there wont be servers for now .
  8. qozmyox

    Iranian IP Limitations?

    @AmirPasha94 Hey , Well playing with VPN gives me crappy and unstable feeling of playing game . while I can play the game with 80 ping , with VPN it goes to 110 and game is not smooth as it should be . I just hope they think about this issue with finding a way for us . Iran has one of the largest communities in terms of FPS games and absolutely worth for them to move servers somewhere ,where we can play the game . just lets hope @seekax @[NGBC]CH_SwissWolf Hello, I have tried that before , It doesn't work .
  9. qozmyox

    Do you have a plan on putting ASIA/SEA Server ASAP?

    not sure about Asia itself , but I completely remember from Brammer stream ( Studio Lead ) where he said there wont be SEA servers currently .
  10. qozmyox

    Iranian IP Limitations?

    Hello @AmirPasha94 . This game is using google servers and google has blocked Iran from some of its certain services and servers. you can read the full story here where I discussed it with devs before, when I played the beta : I'm sorry to say but probably they wont do anything for us . Shame that we cant enjoy this game like the rest of world .
  11. qozmyox

    Game out of date!?

    wait till 18:00 gmt
  12. nope ISP cant block a game where it just came out today. aside of that , I can lunch the game, but all 4 mods are locked means that its something about game itself, my isp cant do something to make mods being showed as lock . thank you for reply anyway .
  13. Hello, All of the game modes are locked for me . I can only play the training . and game is updated aswell ( tried that verify thingy and restarted steam aswell ) Ok so apparently I found why this is happening , seems like DEVS have blocked my country from playing this game . I'm from Iran and when I lunch game with Iran IP, all of the game mods are locked , but when I change my IP to germany, they get unlocked . So why would devs block a country IP's? I always tried to support this game but this issue is going to be big for us . I kindly ask devs to do something about it and unblock us. thank you
  14. qozmyox

    Battalion 1944 IRC Channel?

    discord has taken irc role .
  15. qozmyox

    Console Update

    probably it will come to consoles when its done on PC. I'm not sure tho but pretty sure that they are not going to release it for consoles anytime soon .