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  1. damp

    Show round winning kills

    In game we now see Kills, Assists and Deaths. But to me it seems a little useless to see kills, as there are many kills that does not do anything. I would like to be able to see Round Winning Kills which is all kills that one get in rounds that your team wins. All other kills are essentially useless and I think this would be a great feature.
  2. Can confirm that this did work.
  3. Played ranked, won, watched XP screen and received a warchest. Left the game and got a matchmaking bank. Bug right?
  4. damp

    Competitive rank

    He was obviously joking. Well, so none of you are either bronze or gold?
  5. damp

    Competitive rank

    Hi, Just a quick question. Is anyone here a higher rank than Silver 5? I get to silver 5, then I lose 1 game and drop to silver 4, then I need to win 20 games in a row for silver 5 again.
  6. I play. The game is fun. Too few maps, but that will change later this year.
  7. damp


    Are you even serious right now? Cooking nades makes it so easy to use nades that it is not even fun. If you in eighteen years (!) have not seen that makes me wonder if you ever played competitive cod (or similar games). Nadecooking was removed from CoD4 for a reason. If I could cook nades, I would do it. All the time. Because it is so freaking overpowered. Boy are you trying to play the wrong game.
  8. damp


    No, not exactly. We should not be able to cook nades because that removes all skill from using nades. If you know how to angle a nade, you can get kills without people dodging it. Nades should never be cookable.
  9. damp

    What do we do about cheaters?

    I meant: I asked a genuine question and you chose to be salty instead of answering. Thanks for the answer this time.
  10. damp

    What do we do about cheaters?

    Report them how? This was a genuine question and you were just salty when answering? Nice, let's talk about that. You ever on our Discord? I was thinking about cheaters in competetive/unranked.
  11. damp


    If that is true, then you haven't played versus players who know how to use nades. With the correct angle on a nade, then you won't be able to run.
  12. Great video. I did a forum post about this during the Closed Beta, but no one seemed to care. I think it is fun that we discover such bugs, but I would think that this is bad for newcomers to the game.
  13. damp


    The problem with being able to cook nades is that they get waaay to overpowered with it. There is a reason why nade cooking was removed from CoD4 with promod. I sincerely hope they never implement nade cooking as that would ruin the competitive scene.
  14. Is there anything we should do when we experience cheaters?