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  1. bar/mp44 + kar98

    So you haven't read how Wartide works? Got it. Wartide is a game mode like Search and Destroy. Each team have a set of "class cards" which gives the player that selects a card the weapon that the class provides. I wartide you have four (4) of each class. If you use one card, and you die, then you lose the card. If you pick up an enemy card, or collect one of your teams lost cards, your team get one more of that class to use later in the match. Pick one and die = lose one Pick one and survive = keep the class Pick one and die, a teammate picks up your card = you do not lose a card
  2. B44wars.com Seeking Wars

    This looks way to unpolished. If you want to play scrims then just use Discord. It is way more polished and you even get to socialise with other players. If you use other programs for voip, then I recommend you change from that to. Discord have great ping, great ui, great chat, and great sound quality And it's free!
  3. 17:00 GMT, 18:00 CET. Just relax.
  4. Then again, the community/players does not always know whats best. In dota there is this overseer of the game that makes all decisions. He is of course influenced by the players and the community, but he makes the decisions himself. That makes the game exciting!
  5. NBA Space Jam sound mod for arcade mode

    Why would anyone react negatively to wish to have an optional mod to have announcers?
  6. I did some reload measurements and it is a bit faster (~0.2 seconds) to start reloading and then do a double weapon switch to cancel the animation when the magazine is refilled, than it is to let the animation finish. Have anyone done any similar tests?
  7. I just want to send a message to the creators of this game. I used to play CoD4, but after those glory days I ended up playing Dota 2 instead. One feature that keep Dota 2 interesting is the constant patching, map redesigns etc. I sincerely hope that the devs will keep patches coming every other month with both map changes, spawn changes, weapon changes etc. Examples: Is Coastal too easy for defence? Let attack spawn a couple of units closer. Is Thomposon too over powered? Nerf the damage slightly. Is mid on Derailed too easy to scope? Put a car in the way to let people cross easier. In short, don't let the game go stale. I believe in this game, and I believe in you devs. Keep changing the game, and do it often. That is what make games great! February 1st cannot come soon enough!
  8. I would love to see a Space Jam/NBA sound mod. Here are some examples. Anyone know if this will be possible to add in Battalion? Youtube preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtCVSBvHnBo Here are the original sound files if anyone cares: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mrsfuc4gl6tjmt1/nba jam.zip?dl=0
  9. Leaning

    You can try the game on february 1st. The game is awesome. It's basically cod4 with cod2 skins and weapons.
  10. If that is really how you feel, then you are playing the wrong game mate.
  11. We didn't say that. We said that it is one of the promising features. Other features on the top of my head: * Community driven development * Competitive focus * Mods(!)
  12. Dude, you cannot go on and on. All your games posted are not relevant to this discussion... expect for CS.
  13. CS, yes! BF, not any more no. COD, not any more no. ARMA, I dont know. TF MOH, Wolfenstein, Quake, UT, think so, but kind of irrelevant as it is old. Battalion 1944 is supposed to continue where CoD4 left things. And will hopefully be way better and way more suited for competitive gameplay.
  14. Because they don't have that any more.
  15. Also, it should be toggleable as in cod. I remember I created a script that turned it on an off if I wanted to look at it.