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  1. d0vla


    Buy it on 1st of February. If you don't like it, just do a refund
  2. d0vla

    GPU to buy for Battalion 1944

    With GTX 1050TI everything maxed out
  3. d0vla

    Old but Gold

    It's awesome!
  4. Looking forward to help the devs with spending more than 15$ on release. They nailed the game, and they deserve every possible support
  5. d0vla

    GPU to buy for Battalion 1944

    I would recommend GTX 1050TI, bought it last year and it's really good.
  6. d0vla

    Rate the beta (1-10)

    I'm giving it 8/10. Had much fun in beta, definitely buying on EA launch
  7. d0vla

    Jumping ruins gameplay and feel.

    I think they nailed the game pretty good
  8. d0vla


    It's supposed to be like that, I just got used to it and the beta will end EA release is so close can't wait!
  9. d0vla


    There's the option for that in the gameplay settings I think, 6th from the end of the screen I also like the game much! Great to hear many of us are really enjoying it!
  10. d0vla


    The game looks really good to me, especially on ultra settings! What do you guys think?
  11. d0vla

    Beta key

    Hello guys! Does anybody have one extra key for beta testing? Thanks!
  12. d0vla

    Sniping a bit to OP?

    Totally agree with you. Snipers are a bit OP.
  13. d0vla

    Beta key

    If you have the minimum system req stated on Steam, you can run the game
  14. d0vla

    Complications with the game

    GTX 1050 is a good card, but wait first for the EA release, then you'll see what option to go for.
  15. d0vla

    Jumping ruins gameplay and feel.

    It still needs to enter EA first, many changes will come soon