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  1. Thank you so much! Been waiting for that answer for long!
  2. The bomb

    Yeah, just be careful
  3. Beta / Early Access Graphics

    Agree! And I also hope i'll get to at least play in closed beta
  4. The Twitter game

    Thank you
  5. The Twitter game

    I tried every damn option, and nothing Seems like I really need to wait for the 1st Feb... Hope is fully gone.
  6. Probably not, all the Tweeter giveaways are sadly done.
  7. The Twitter game

    I really don't like this tweeter way of giving codes out, totally unfair... They should just randomly pick the winners and everybody would be happy, the only fair way.
  8. Key giveaways

    After all these keys been tweeted and given will they be even sending closed beta keys through emails? Besides, I hope you all have fun in the alpha!
  9. Bakers

    It starts next weekend, you'll probably get it a few days earlier.
  10. Closed Beta keys

    I'm not a backer I'll wait till next Friday then. Thanks guys!
  11. Closed Beta keys

    Hi mates! Does anybody know when they'll start sending emails for beta?
  12. Warchests

    Hi guys! Does anybody know if they will include only weapon skins, or also the appearance items for my character? I remember a VLOG when they were talking about Airbourne division and those warpaints and mohawk haircut. Cheers!