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  1. DOG19

    Changes that i think that will be good

    The maps in battalion are like cod ww2 now multiple entry points so hard to hold a or b site now need eyes up your ass lol
  2. I remember DIVAS and 1st-ib I was in LOH clan cod 1 and 2 great days good leagues had it all what we got now ?
  3. DOG19


    I can run 200fps no problem but every unranked game we get our team pings are avg 30/40 ms the other teams pings mostly 80/90 ms and the guys with higher pings seem to have a big advantage I know not many people playing the game don't help how lag compensation works in this game I'm not sure
  4. Some great comments I love the game and what they have done to some of the maps. Not sure about the lighting seems too bright on some maps but now it feels like the axis have every advantage over the allies. with every weapon .I'm not sure what they have done to the servers but pings in game are bad. It still feels that players with high pings get the advantage
  5. I like what you done with the maps and card system .But what the fook have you done to the servers so much lag pings are like 60/70 climbing to 160 in game I play on eu servers you would think the servers are on fooking dial up please try and fix
  6. would be nice if you could vote on which maps to play bit like cod ww2 instead of playing same map all I play is unranked because arcade is so boring and the points you get for the time you put into the game is bad seem your better off losing you get more points lol
  7. Brammertron can only deflect shit for so long. With this new update coming on the 8th I hope it fixes more than it breaks but we need more maps the ones in rotation now are getting boring.
  8. DOG19

    Game's Dead guys..

    Game is that poor arcade is a waste of time seems like a after thought game is not fun. Trying to get a game on unranked is ok if you want players with 200+ pings now joined unranked 3 times got same team 3 times nice wont bother now til 8th march hope the patch works otherwise will call it a day. They said they are all gamers at bulkhead but I think they have forgotten what makes a good game so hell bent on esports
  9. DOG19

    Gamplay + coin system

    The card system is pants and who ever thought of the bollox idea of having so many snipers in 1 team should be 1 sniper 1 shotgun the rest ar or smg worked in all cods with no problems.but I forgot we are not all pros had a great time on ranked playing people with 160 pings needs sorting fast or this will be a dead game . double xp and ranked games and still only max 3000 people playing I really love this game but every day I'm starting to hate it
  10. DOG19

    What to adjust

    I love the game but I'm getting so fucked off with these shit servers and wank mm every game my team are around 30/40 ping and other team are 60/70 and they always seem to have the advantage with this shite lag compensation rant over
  11. DOG19

    Gamplay + coin system

    I wish it was like cod 2 and cod 4 with the weapons like hazard37 said they never had any problems.I played in 1 match 3 out of the 5 players all had scopes great and my team all had shitty carbines love the game but really hate the card system. And for arcade what a waste of time tdm boring 5v5 ctf is a joke get no points hardly and domination is good