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    Ideas from an cod 1 player

    Yo, i appreciate your criticism! Its just that im used to a game that uses a certain amount of health without a regenerate mechanism while the player is not being shot at. And i think this would add incredibly much to Battalion. If you / the devs disagree, thats fine. I also think there are rather (Ex-) CoD 2 Players around here in these forums. There are only few CoD 1 Players left (like TheGoog, some threads below mine). But either way, i can deal with regenerating health as well as ive played several Battlefield games. About big maps, well its hard to describe but i get your point. Maps shouldnt be too big or they will eventually be a problem when it comes to play competitive. Its just that i think most CoD 1 maps have the perfect size for both casual and competitive gaming. Maybe you should take a look at mp_carentan or mp_harbor (in case you dont know them already). I've played this game at the gamescom this year in Cologne, and i saw that leaning is in game already. But im not sure about what kind of effect it has, there was not enough time at Gamescom to find that out. It would be nice if it has an effect like in CoD 1 1.1 / 1.5.
  2. PHYZ1X

    Ideas from an cod 1 player

    Hey, I have been playing CoD 1 for many many years and the competitive scene is still active after 14 years since the game came out! Here are some ideas that i would like to see in battalion: > Coloured Names In CoD 1, coloured names are a perfect possibility for clans or players to create an individual tag for themselves and i hope to see that in battalion as well. Thats almost a must in my eyes. > Rcon In CoD 1 there are several gamemodes in competitive matches and server admins can control which weapon types (Rifles, Machine Guns, Snipers) are enabled or disabled, depending on what style the enemy team wants to play. I hope this will be possible in Battalion too! > Non-regenerative Health CoD1 is the only COD game without regenerative health. And in my opinion battalion should follow CoD 1 in this point. It makes the gameplay in wars much more exciting and makes you think twice about what youre doing next. Its so rare in games but at the same time so important! > Bigger Maps I dont know about the other maps the dev are making but the one i played at gamescom is relatively small. In CoD 1 we have perfect sized maps for competitive gaming and hopefully battalion wont disappoint me in this point. > Aimwalking Another elementary feature of competitive gaming in cod 1 is aimwalking which is basically movinh around corners while aiming and leaning left or right. This gives you the advantage of not being seen so quick and outmanouvering the enemy player, in case of an enemy player being around the corner. This is especially being done in Only MP and Rifle Only mode. It would be nice if this will be possible in battalion too!