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  1. Add me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Cr8tive1234/ If you do decide to start one give us a shout. I played SMG in CoD4 but am looking to play scope in b44, but I am open to anything if it's within the right team.
  2. Cheers for the thought, but I'm after a team not a clan. So I will kindly pass, thanks.
  3. Hello, Names Dave, I am 22 YoA. I played CoD4 for a number of years with rEunion. A few thousand hours. I then moved on and played League, after CoD4 started dieing (RIP will always be missed) and played at a decent level while playing with a bunch of friends. Tried to get into CS:GO, played on and off just couldn't enjoy it. Looking for a serious team with high ambitions.
  4. Cr8tive

    Fix Level Progression

    Are you playing community servers? If so that's probably because community servers don't level you up. If not, then; fuck.
  5. Whether I get it or not, that's awesome of you.