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  1. Ryzn

    Ideas from an cod 1 player

    Completely Agree that's why still to this day its like my number.1 game to go too, Promod was the perfect solution to competitive FPS. I see a lot of potential in battalion1944 it's so exciting to hear a new competitive FPS is coming and some of their inspiration is from my favorite game of all time! the developers really listen to their audience as well, some e people working on this game. ITS GONNA BE GREAT.
  2. Ryzn

    Ideas from an cod 1 player

    I will do my research into your game, as I'm not familiar with it at all I've played cod2 and cod4 but that's my only experience in cod competitive scene all the other cods are completely not my thing. I will take a look at videos ect. on CoD1. I'm interested... the maps i thought worked perfectly for competitive CoD4 was mp_crash mp_backlot mp_strike too me they are perfect size. from spawn there was typically 3 routes to chose from then a wide opening area in the middle usually referred to as "the cross" This is what makes a map in my eyes
  3. Ryzn

    Rifle Balance

    I agree! Leg shots can obviously be a tag but upper chest or head is one bullet.
  4. Ryzn

    Running - CoD vs CoD:UO

    Could not agree more! Running is a must
  5. Ryzn


    WE NEED WALLBANGS PEOPLE! lots of love <3
  6. Ryzn

    Different nade types and throws?

    I'm glad there is no flashes...I like to see my screen I've always used smoke instead of flash as SMG anyway, Which brings me to a point we should only have ONE flash or ONE smoke.
  7. Ryzn

    Destructive surroundings

    Battalion want the game to be a competitive FPS i think that idea would affect the game's potential in a negative way, strat's would not work. "'Im planting one watch the stairs one smoke the barn door!" *Explosion* "WTF THEY'RE COMING THROUGH THE WALL!"
  8. Ryzn

    Ideas from an cod 1 player

    @PHYZ1X can't say I agree with everything you're saying here, take a look at Cod4 Promod's approach Battalion talk about wanting to follow similiar path. they in fact hired a ex-cod4 Proffesional known as Phantasy (Study his video's on Youtube.) The health should regenerate. Bigger maps are not always the way to go (especially for competitive.) And finally "Aimwalking" is already in the game i believe. The game is doing great in replicating the feeling of cod4 Promod and Cod2 combined. I love to see you're giving feedback on the game and I apologies for sounding so negative on your post, Battalion are trying to find that median. its not possible for every player to want the same thing that's what the forums are for i guess hope you reply so we can chat more about what we would love to see in-game.
  9. Ryzn

    Battle Cry

    Just came across this discussion, it's interesting to see people's opinions on the "Battle cry." And i would like to address my own opinion on this topic, I beleive a "battle cry" bound to player or an ambient sound. will affect the game tremendously in a negative way. A sound key triggered at any giving point during a round could be later used as a "strat" to players to disguise the bomb plant sound or throw of a player of to look in the direction of the sound while an apposing player shoots you in the back. As a experience Competitive FPS player i focus on sound keys to give information to my team like the sound of a player dropping, or throwing a nade, smoke or reloading for example. In summary this "war cry" could be manipulated in a way to throw of players of disguise other in-game sounds.