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  1. Anyone want to add me on steam to play CoD 4 Promod to get ready for EA? Shoot over a friend request. http://steamcommunity.com/id/velty94/
  2. January 9th is right around the corner boys! I've been checking the forums more then is probably healthy. I'm really hoping this gameplay trailer gives us an early access date to look forward to. I might cry if I have to wait more than a month to play.
  3. Velty

    Text Chat.

    This is probably not a key focus area right now. Maybe in the future.
  4. Velty

    Hi, my name is Velty

    I have been studying these forums for months but have not considered saying hello or commenting until now. So hi. I am no old promod pro by any means but promod is the reason I bought a gaming pc 7 years ago. Since then I have not looked back. I enjoy many pc shooters but Cod4 is one of those games I dream of making a comeback and I have backed Battalion for this very reason. I am so eager to see this game take off and I am hoping we can all relive some of those nostalgic moments from the good ol' days. I have not been this excited for a game in a long time. See you all out there.
  5. Velty

    Fps advantage strafe jumping.

    No, they have hard coded the strafe bug back into the game because this engine does not have the "quake bug." They have come out and said that fps will not matter for the distance/height since they have only coded it as a speed multiplier.