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  1. Hello there.!! I'm experenced FPS player in love with Battalion and I'll try to expose what I expect from this game e-Sports related. My written english is not the best but I'll try. First and two most important features. - Dedicated Servers (I'ts a must). With customizable commands like , restart, change_map etc. - Customizable game configuration. Every pro-player has different gamestyle and like on CSGO "config_mp" should be editable . You should able to customize crosshair, FOV, graphic details such as blood effects, details of trees. Sensitibility in decimals etc. Small but important features I personally think are important on gameplay. - Grenades should not be able to feed. (I mean holding it for few seconds and when you throw it they blow up instantly SHALL NOT WORK PLEASE) - Wallbangs should exist. Balanced and depending on weapon shall be different penetration and damage. - Lean to the side is a must. - Movement : You shall able to Strafe, jump and shoot, Jump and crouch etc. (Like CoD4). - Animations are important too, care of this please . - FOV Shall be a MUST. - FPS capped to 250. (this is my personal opinion about FPS). - Hitboxes please work on this carefully its very important. - MODS If you want to make people able to train stuff you shall Include a mod where u'll be able to train Grenades, Smokes, Wallbangs for future pro-players of this game. FOR CASTERS Make sure you have a good "Spectator mode" for future casters of the game. Thats it so far from now. Have a blyatfull day!
  2. Wallbang's

    Please dont forgett to add wallbangs. Mostly everything should be able to penetrable. If its a wall of smal metal mostly with all weapons you should able to penetrate. If its a big wall of stones only with high power weapons. etc. Just adjust the wallbangs in between the weapon and the "object" you're penetrating. Wallbangs are a must.
  3. Hello, I'm playing shooters since 15 years. I've been competitive player in the past when ClanBase/ESL were full of people to compete against. Since a lot of years this is the game i've been looking for I'm so happy with the work you guys doing. I can't wait till it comes out I'm Hyped as fuck. I'm one of thousend of players who is frustrated with nowdays FPS and the leak of competitive shooters for PC gamers. I was CoD PC player (the community who make CoD be what it is) till they left PC gamers in the dust and only care about consoles and making $$$$$$ . I see the power in this game to impress many players like me and get a loyal community i'm 100% sure this game will succes and have e-Sports invloved community I hope you dont do the same mistake like CoD did leaving in the dust those who make the game famous and popular... the PC gamers. Keep the nice work.