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  1. Hesperiam

    Beginning my UE Learning Experience

    Awesome, thanks for the positive comments so far fellas, I love to hear a community that's motivating. I look forward to working on maps/content in the future, and I hope that you all will be able to help me out in testing and feedback. -Hesper
  2. Hesperiam

    Beginning my UE Learning Experience

    Hello developers and players alike, I'm beginning to work with the Unreal Engine, particularly for the game "Unreal Tournament" that is looking quite well at the moment. I've always been passionate about map/level design, and began my start with the SDK for CS:GO. I'm looking forward to learning more about the engine, the game development environment, and possibly being able to create a map for this game one day! I'd love to hear from the devs about the first few routes I should take in terms of learning the engine! -Hesper
  3. Hesperiam

    Greetings from Hesper

    Howdy everyone! I'm going to keep my initial introduction quite short for the meantime, but I just wanted to say I absolutely love the concept of this game and I'm very much looking forward to playing in all forms of Early Access, as well as investing heavily in working with map creation in the future! The overall features, mechanics, and gameplay looks very fluid and I'm anticipating a great release of the game! Let's make this happen with some flair fellas! -Hesper