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  1. What do you say guys? Before we hit <100 players? How about stopwatch game mode, how about objective based plays. How about not copying cancer strike? How about more competitive wolfenstein elements and more fluent gameplay/gunplay? How about movement while shooting like no other game offers anymore nowadays (except dirty bomb which plays way too slow)? Bigger field of view maybe? Or just let this crap die and spend the 5$ this game made on cheap beer.
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    How about change everything

    Never mind, I was too late. 86 playing 5 min ago
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    Hello Guys, Just thought I'd get started by introducing myself on the forums here and I must say I am so looking forward to getting my hands on this game... I'm a long term veteran in FPS who has spent almost all his time exclusively in Enemy Territory. After having spent years in agony when Wolfenstein Enemy Territory died, I have yet to find a single FPS game that really grasped my attention and kept it... Untill I found out about this game! Currently I'm so gutted I'm not able to play this game yet but I hope I can get in on the alpha / beta testing as soon as possible so I can hopefully help grow this community... I hope together with these amazing (might I say nostalgic) developpers, I'm with her! :") Cheers!