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  1. Price Strategy

    I've seen a couple discussions about price, but my question is a little more open. I'd like to know if they intend to follow CSGO price strategy or normal games strategy. Thanks.
  2. Alpha / Beta key giveaway!

    47 - Because If any of you are decently educated, you will know that 47 is the answer. Good luck everyone!
  3. Rifle Balance

    Sniper are supposed to be deadly, a sniper will need his shots to kill their opponents fairly often since we have regenerative health. Even in cod2 where even upper thigh shots were deadly we still often would find non lethal shots happening for various reasons, players not exposing themselves too much, played being shot by the side where bullets hit the arm instead of the chest... Anyway... every single game that has been considered competitive(CSGO-COD2-COD4 and many others) feature 1 hit kill on most of the body. Snipers need to be able to take players out of the game, and the other players should try to avoid them at long ranges and surprise them to get the kill.
  4. No one wants to see accurate uniforms in a competitive game... sorry to burst your bubble. The game is about competition, we need distinctive colors so they are not mistaken with terrain and allies. I might be wrong, but I cant see that happening.
  5. Potato Pc

    Which resolution did you play on? Which Intel Graphics is your notebook? Your processor however, is much better than his. 40Fps would be enough for casual gameplay.
  6. Potato Pc

    Hello, if the minimum specs that Bigtuna posted on the forum are true, you probably wont be able to run the game with this computer, since you are lacking both RAM and GPU.
  7. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    I could also translate to portuguese... for free.... maybe a skin? lol
  8. Few Ideas by jackis

    First, I'm sorry if I sounded aggressive in my first post, It was not my intention. Its cool to have discussions, its never too much to reinforce what you already know, after all, there are tons of variables and sometimes we may forget even things we already know. Regarding 1-2: I believe the use of the M1 was not because the Lee was bad due to lack of visibility, but because the M1 was goddamn strong, 90% of the time 2 hits would kill and you had 8, with very good precision and fairly easy to control recoil. If we consider 0% a noob and a 100% a GOD player, I would argue that a 50-75% player would benefit more from a M1 than from a action bolt, since they were more forgiving. Plus, in a map like Carentan I doubt players would take a Springfield rifle over an M1 due to a lot of close quarters action. I feel like bolt actions should be more encouraged for the defensive team, and semis/autos for the attacking team. Regarding 6: It could be tested, but I find it very difficult to work, I think 2 screens at the same time will have people confused. Regenerative health: Maybe increasing the time to recover could be a good idea, it depends a lot from map design, if the game happens to have most of its competitive plays in big maps, more time to recover doesn't make much sense, it would slow the game down too much, however, if most games happens in small maps it could be a good idea. I believe that the COD2 time to regenerate gave the game a more "frenetic" style, and to be honest I enjoy it. But I think once the game is out, this would be easy to test with updates.
  9. Few Ideas by jackis

    1 - The idea I think is that the M1 garand is a decent substitute to the Kar98k nonscoped, 2 shots were needed to kill unless you hit the arm or down part of the leg both times. The M1 was fast to fire and fast to reload, plus it helped with the dynamic of the american play-style. 2- That was not the big of a problem in competitive matches, and you had the M1 Garand as a possible choice. 3- Debatable... I think regenerative health adds a different concept, it takes the "luck factor" down. The reason is if someone surprises you but you managed to escape that means that the other player didn't have the skill to do the job, or your movement ability was on point. Random nades, smoke shots and other things that are not skill inclined get nullified with regenerative health, unless of course the "lucky shot/nade" was deadly and that's is impossible to stop. Plus, it reinforces skill, since almost all battles will equal. 4- Wallshots should be featured I think, but it must be done very carefully since small and fast maps would be very affected by this. 5- I believe the nades on COD2 were perfect, both in damage area and distance. This made the game extremely strategic, you could sweep entire areas if synchronized nades of all teammates, and the same could be done to you once you secured the location you intended to take. Players needed to be cautious all the time and keep one eye in the sky. Maps like burgundy, toujane and dawnville were very affected by nades, but maps like Caen, matmata not so much. 6- I believe the same concept of CSGO would be fine. 7- Yes, please.
  10. Well, they are still talking a few millions... Battalion will need to be creative, or take a nice loan.
  11. Framerate vs hardware?

    If you use riva+afterburner you will be able to see eve how much of the processor and gpu is being used to have an idea of the margin you have.
  12. Framerate vs hardware?

    Hello, so I was reading the 0.3 news and saw that fps was improved, and it reminded me... To reach 144 fps(stable) at the highest settings what kind of gpu and processor we are talking about? The CODs 2 and 4 were very light on processors unlike today's games. Also, has anyone tested streaming to see which processor can handle the task and keep the game at the maximum fps? Thanks.
  13. How Many Keys

    I understand that the game isn't ready so you should not promote it etc... My problem is probably that I don't understand NDA for a game like this, and would love if someone could explain the reason. After all, the only game to be released in same genre is COD WWII and I don't see big company stealing ideas from this game. On another note, I don't understand restricting the capacity to view the private forums, I do understand that not all people should be able to post there, but should be able to see the development. But that's just my opinion.
  14. How Many Keys

    It's not about forcing.... I see always only up to 200 people on discord, but don't see more than 20 on the forums. Since I showed up late, I don't know how it was. This scares me, I don't want to see a game like this dying or not receiving the attention it needs.... Also every attention attracted right now will soon be lost due to lack of activities, people will come and then go away after a week or 2.
  15. How Many Keys

    I meant with things like PUBG night... The topic is dead. Of course the admins seem very nice, if you go talk to them, they are very polite and helpful, but still, there is something lacking. Maybe is the community itself, too many of the active members of the forum being in NDA might be the reason.
  16. How Many Keys

    And lack of interaction, between users and admins. Is battalion still very glitchy? I thought that besides adding new weapons, balancing weapons and movement and adding new maps, the game was quite OK. At least, the videos released basically with Phantasy playing, look very good.
  17. How Many Keys

    I've been here for a short time, maybe that's why I thought it. The only explanation for the numbers going down in my mind the the NDA. Which btw I don't understand why it exists for games like Battalion.
  18. How Many Keys

    This is a good sign, for some reason this week a lot of people came to see what the game was about.
  19. Buying into Alpha testing?

    Also, a question popped in my mind how.much was the humblebundle and the backscatter to get the game?
  20. Battalion's community health

    Hello everyone, I joined the forum recently and don't know how it was in the past but I see very little activity on it both in the number of posts and views of th topics. Is the game's community already fading away? A game that intends to be competitive needs a certain amount to not fall into oblivion. Hope everything is ok.
  21. Price Strategy

    Well, take how much most AAA titles charge, now consider how much they cost to make. With this info you apply the same proportion to a game like Battalion with a small dev team. Plus you need to consider that being a small studio may cost less but also has less popularity. However, a platform like steam gives any game the range they need to be worldwide purchased. Another thing, that could be used as a strat, is to organize the community to buy the game on the same day/week to be able to climb on the steam ladder of most purchased games.
  22. Just like everyone new to the forum, its hard to filter every single topic and know if it was taken into account at the time. I don't mind people repeating these things, it's always to to be reminded of even the simplest things. In my opinion wallbangs are a complicated feature, I did think COD4 had too much penetration while COD2 had none... I think Battalion should be a hybrid between the two, but of course updates are always a way to re-balance things.
  23. Running - CoD vs CoD:UO

    Running is tricky, but since I haven't had the chance to play the game yet, I will hold my opinion on this one. Its all a matter of "how much": 1- Imagine normal speed is 100 and the running speed is 200, this would make running extremely powerful. 2- Normal speed 100 and running 110, this would actually be bad, since you cant shoot while sprinting. So in the end, its a a matter of adjusting "how much" so we can have better balance. Also rifles can make use of running+jump+shoot, in COD2 this was used a lot(without the running of course). In COD2 snipers were usually the key players in most strats(we only had 1 per team), the running could pose threat to use of snipers, since it would be very hard to hit smart opponents while running. I'm not sure, need to test it for myself to draw a conclusion.
  24. Rifle Balance

    The numbers speak for themselves, take a look at the downvotes you receive. I will humor you... I never talked about snipers, my comments point out the kar98k and not the scoped version. Sure, snipers need to be limited in numbers I even stated this opinion in a previous comment. Now please, you said you played COD4 in a competitive manner, yet you seem to be extremely worried about pubs and this is not your first comment about it. Competitive players don't care too much about pub balance, which shows that probably most if not everything that you claim is a lie. I could be wrong, but you never mentioned playing COD2 and now is saying that you played with these guys from the video... I would love to see some DEMOS from you with them, but you probably lost or deleted them right? The video shows a lot of luck shots indeed(for both rifles and automatics), you will find them in any game, now take those sequences with the rifles with 2-3 kills(which are few in the Fragmovie, you can search for others), now imagine having to shoot all these guys 2 times, most shots were not headshots/neckshots, if you can put 2+2 together you will see how useless you made the rifle with that logic. If a rifleman gets rushed by 2 SMGs he will die 99% of the time, cause its already hard to hit targets that are running and jumping at the same time while firing at you, now imagine being restricted to trying to get only HS's. I can agree that you can make the rifles less powerful than in COD2, they did kill even when shooting the higher parts of the leg, but I will never agree with neck/head only. If you can only see balance in a 1 hit Head/neck only, you have no idea about game balance, stomach up would be a good start to see how things go, and from there you could balance with updates.
  25. Rifle Balance

    hahahahaha Exactly, people have a hard time understanding how the dynamics of the game works. Indeed, in COD2, rifles were indeed very powerful, but only in the hands of those with great skill. In Brazil between 2006-2008 we had basically to groups that barely knew each other, a group that played "1.0 Rifles only" and the other group playing "1.3 all weapons". There was a championship organized by these 1.0 players and some of us(1.3) joined to see what that was about, only one team of the 1.0 posed a threat but still lost at their own game style. After this championship all the teams of 1.0 joined 1.3 and then we saw a lot of complaining that SMGs were too OP, they did not stand a chance against even some of the weakest 1.3 teams. What I mean in the end is... there was space for all weapons in the game, the secret is your knowledge of how and when to use it.