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  1. Rifle Balance

    Rifles are most probably going to be the option for the highest skill players, since with skill you can deal with both long and short distances, however, the average rifle player wont be able to handle fast action in short ranges against SMGs. And of course, a lot will depend on the map layouts... there might be maps that will make rifles a bad choice and vice-versa.
  2. Rifle Balance

    Unfortunately I dont have the game yet to see how it is at the moment. But I think the COD2 balance was near perfect, every gun had its purpose realistic or not. @Edit If you make the M1 be like it was in COD2, you need to practice in order to get very fast rate of fire, otherwise the weapon was kinda slow.
  3. Rifle Balance

    This is not a modern war game. Bolt action rifles(kar98k) = 1 hit kill Semi-auto rifles(m1 garand) = 2 hits kill at any range SMGs = 3 hits at medium/close range -> 4-6 for long range Heavy automated guns = 3 hits at any range
  4. Rifle Balance

    This is impossible with a bolt action... with 3-4 shots a SMG will kill at medium range, by the time a bolt action rifle shoots 2 times the smg will have fired half or more of its magazine.
  5. Rifle Balance

    I Believe it should be something like this(dont mind my paint skills). After all we are talking about rifles. Also I added a part of the arms because sometimes you will hit the enemy sideways and the bullet would go through the entire body. QUESTION: Will the game incorporate penetration through the body? If the hand is in the way of the bullet but is aligned with the torso, will it kill? 1- Rifles in small quarters are much harder to use than SMGs, 1 mistake you are dead, we need to give skilled Rifleman the chance to defend themselves against a runner with an smg when entering a building or around a corner. 2- For a competitive game, SMGs dont require too much skill to use, but even in cod2 they served a decent purpose in some maps(Dawnville, Burgundy). Yet were rendered almost useless in maps like Toujane. 3 - With the topic above in mind, different map layouts should force players to choose different weapons, it will give a better dynamic to the game 4- SMGs will always be useful in the middle of smokes, corners and closed quarters, even more with the "sprint" ability even if rifles oneshots everything from the balls up.
  6. Battalion's community health

    Just did, thank you!
  7. Battalion's community health

    I sure hope so! Where can I find this Discord link?
  8. Battalion's community health

    Ouch... haha
  9. Battalion's community health

    Unfortunately no... Is it known if they will reopen the possibility to acquire an Alpha Access?
  10. Battalion's community health

    Ah, I see. Is there a way to join this Discord? I feel so left out hahaha... maybe I'm just too late =(
  11. Battalion's community health

    Hello everyone, I joined the forum recently and don't know how it was in the past but I see very little activity on it both in the number of posts and views of th topics. Is the game's community already fading away? A game that intends to be competitive needs a certain amount to not fall into oblivion. Hope everything is ok.
  12. Where Are You From? [Poll]

  13. What about the maps

    I don't see why we can't have both(if its not illegal of course). If for some reason players resonate more with the older maps... so be it. If the community decides to play only newer maps its okay too.
  14. Price Strategy

    The comparison is valid, CSGO is a multiplayer based game just like Battalion pretends to be. The price strategy is very important, a competitive game benefits from lots of people playing it, if you charge too much you will have high margins but fewer sales and the opposite happens when you charge a few bucks like CSGO does. 30 EUR in brazil is 109 BRL, it will still face a couple different taxes and will easily reach 150 BRL, the minimum wage in Brazil is around 900-1000 BRL and the game would cost 15% of that wage. Of course, this is only 1 example, but you get the idea. If you know SK gaming(one of the best CSGO teams and also Brazilian), some of them could barely afford a living, they even asked for donations to be able to travel, if CSGO were to cost 30 euros some of them would not be where they are today.