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    Please don't over-design the maps

    Exactly the reason why toujane was the most popular and main cod2 map. Very bright and easy to see an enemy. Very simple etc. Even thou I most liked mp_dawnville Most likely the most strategic map ever!
  2. jackis

    Ideas Batallion :)

    That's actually great teste man. Nevere knew this existed haha. Anyway found out my left eye is the dominant one so I can keep things as they are
  3. jackis

    Beta Release

    Yeah usually nowadays people jsut hear microt... and they turn away their eyes and i don't even blame them. But cosmetics is not such a big deal. Well at least for the vast majority of us that care about competetive scene and not abotu realistic gameplay We all want this game to be successful and I think this is one of the ways how to keep it that way for a long time. We have been lucky to get probably the best devs possible out there. I just hope if bat44 becomes successful and devs gets lets say millions of bucks whatever I just hope they don't become too greedy and will keep updating and supporting the game. Evolving it. As my profile qoute says: Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything You can see it with so many footballers who are only one or two seasons wonders and then they fade away.
  4. jackis

    Beta Release

    I think that 15 bucks for this new game is a bit underprized cause people who like the game or the concept of the game will not bother adding 5-10 bucks to buy it for 20-25. But who knows.. Personally I don't care about microtransactions if they are only about cosmetics. I don't mind if they are in the game and i don't mind if they are not. From my point of view anything that helps the game financialy and doesn't effect the gameplay in terms of skill is a good thing. It will help the game to be alive to grow and to evolve. If it is such a big deal at least someone try to explain to me why not to have microtransactions in the game if they are only about cosmetics?
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    Beta Release

  6. jackis

    weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    i did not what? Ive checked junk and everything
  7. jackis

    weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    It would be pity. Just don't get too much excited is all i'm sayin
  8. jackis

    weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    I don't think so. They clearly said they are going out with an huge annoucments in January. Didn't expect alpha 0.4 thats for sure but still. You can see the update is hidden and only to be seen by only kickstarter backers not even humblebundle backers. So from my point of view devs jsut needs to test out something they just worked on for the last months. Maybe Im wrong but I don't don't wanna give myself false hopes and then be disapointed as I was before
  9. jackis

    weapons/equipment should cost points/supply

    unfortunately only for kickstarter backers. Not humblebundle backers
  10. jackis

    Steam Game Award nomination

    Yeah talked to our King in Munich. Really cool guy
  11. jackis

    Different nade types and throws?

    Not sure i wanna see a pink smoke thou
  12. jackis

    Different nade types and throws?

    Nice idea mate
  13. jackis

    Different nade types and throws?

    Completely agree man Btw someone here mentioned gas smokes.. Thats not necesarily a bad idea? It would kinda be like molotov in csgo. Kinda good idea actually!!
  14. I understand your point of view and i had the same man I'm not trying to insult only to help, please note that. Problem is that you have some muscle memory and lets say you make an aim shot with - sens 1.5, msaccel OFF - across 3cm of your mousepad. The next time and every other time you make it is going to make the same movement ingame as it did before. Your brain will learn it and after a time you will have perfect aim. Whereas with sens 1.5 msaccel ON you will make the same movement and of course it will take you further ingame and you could learn to make the same 3cm movement as you do with msaccel OFF. Problem is that msaccel also counts the speed of the movement of your mouse. So you can make once 3cm aim shot and next time exactly the same 3cm aim shot and it will give you DIFFERENT ingame move. So you see you'd have to not only learn to have perfect muscle memory for moving your mouse the same lenght but also the same speed and believe me from time to time you will make the movement with different speed and it will make you miss many shots. I understand that relief that you can finally turn around easily but in the end you will suffer cause of this and is better to turn it off and learn to play without it. My experience is to put quite a high sens at first and try to play with it for a week. It will be kinda crazy but you will be learning kinda quickly. Then try to go with the sens a little lower and then play with it another week. Then again. It will help you adapt faster. NOTE that you shouldn't go with sens lower to the point where you are unable to do 180° move with your arm. Maybe 120 but thats critical. Anything lower will cost you.
  15. Either way you should really think of turning it off for good. Im kinda lazy to right down all the reasons but i have had really hard and long, bad experience with it before I found out its useless. I know it seems its good when you have small sens like me but its only for worse.. ALWAYS KEEP MOUSEACCEL OFF!!
  16. A small sneak peak or update would be just fine But I think they will be happy to have some break from the work so we will have to wait till Jan. Dammit man. More excited then when i was 6 for christmas haha
  17. jackis

    Game rating

    Multiplayer games parenting problem.. still a better love story then twilight how they say? ;D
  18. jackis

    Whats UP Battalion Community!

    Anyone here keeping their aim and movement sharp on cod2 or cod4?