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  1. Game rating

    Multiplayer games parenting problem.. still a better love story then twilight how they say? ;D
  2. Whats UP Battalion Community!

    Anyone here keeping their aim and movement sharp on cod2 or cod4?
  3. There won't be announcement until January. They are going to go quiet...
  4. You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket
  5. Hey guys I just found out on yt another interesting interview from EGX from our king so check it out
  6. I love it man. A few new articles and we already have a decent discusion
  7. awesome interview, thanks for sharing mate
  8. Thanks for the info Joe! Yeah the lack of communication is driving us mad but only cause we are so hyped
  9. Price Strategy

    Yep thats the life of battalion backer
  10. Price Strategy

    Well said @Farq-S I think what people bother most is the lack of info of the progress. More regular updates. Like breef weekly updates would keep people more happy. But most likely as we are speaking Bulkhead are already working on an update about all of this.
  11. Price Strategy

    yo supreme. Ive bought beta access for 50 pounds at humble bundle. Still no beta access and in Jan its gonna be 10.99 So yeah im a bit dissapointed about this aswel but well if it actually helped the development and the retail prize will bring many more people into the game so it becomes longterm esports then its at least worth it. But I see your point
  12. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Howard Philpott‏ @HowardPhilpott 14 hod.před 14 hodinami Víc Thanks to everyone that played @Battalion1944 at EGX! Big announcements coming soon Anyway in response to Xtreem so far from what I understand. You will be given certain ammount of guns/smokes/nades etc from the very beginning of the map side and then it's up to you how you use them during the game. He didn't say for this round you will get 5 shotguns. What he meant was that you can use 5 shotguns if u want but you won't have them avaliable for other rounds (Of course it depends on how much guns there will be for a side). Also I wouldn't worry about strict 5v5 tdm server. I'm pretty sure casual servers will be about 10/10 games depends on the map and a mode I suppose.
  13. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Man I'm pretty sure it will be 20 slot server or similiar TDM as you described from the beginning. Only competetive will be 5v5 S&D. I mean all cod2/4 - dm/tdm/ctf/whatever servers has been around that number if they force the numbers down that wouldn't make any sense. You also wanna practice your aim on dm with more people not just 10 but more likely with 16 etc. Depends on the map. I mean DM toujane was best with 12 people, 16 has been too much. Howerver TDM toujane has been still good with 20 people I'm pretty sure there will be a zombie mode aswel with 64 players which is incredibly fun where players create their own maps. I mean that's the best thing they are doing. Giving the power back to the people rather then control everything
  14. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Indeed however I'm kinda glad they are not putting this one in. I remember that one guy doing only this to move sideways basicly nonstop Still would be more pleased without sprint while having reload thou.. Also big thanks to @sumacz for posting these news.
  15. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Well yeah but ive heard it in some of the other interview before that EA is comming in Q1 2018 for sure. Beta should be by the end of this year most likely november if i am correct? Im not sure where I ve heard it by now but its in my head as a sure thing But there should be some big announcment comming soon this month that was the reaction to HypeRNT