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  1. Dark

    Dedicated servers vs Rented servers

    Funny how you don't aim to add anything to this conversation, only an advertisement for your website lmao
  2. There hasn't been any steam sale on Battalion yet apart from the release. Which sale wise wasn't a fail. Player base isn't failing, they are not advertising the game atm, they want the game to be solid first before they promote it. They will release the game for console. This has been promised before and this will still happen. Console release will probably come after the game gets released which will probably be February 2018. The reason why this probably is the case, is because it's stupid to work on AND a console version AND a PC version. It's much more efficient to finish 1 version first, and then convert it for other platforms. Every game so far has been doing this.
  3. 2018-06-15 18-39-33.mp4
  4. Instead of this raging post, you could spend some time on reading the discord conversations, reddit posts and announcements that the devs made. They clearly stated why they aren't promoting the game in it's current state and why MU2 will be so great.
  5. As i explained above: 1) you don't know how many people wanted to keep bunny hopping and scoped jumping 2) Kickstarter didn't focus on COD2 only 3) You can't expect them to remake an already existing game
  6. See that's where you're wrong Yes there were a lot of people against bunny hopping, but the ones who are ok with it, do not complain about it. If 30 people on forums complain about it, it doesn't mean that "most people" want it gone. Also, if you read their original kickstarter campaign, they are still sticking to that idea. It might not be exactly what you expected, but that doesn't mean they're not listening to the community. I know they do listen. Many things that I suggested back in Alpha for example, got changed and got fixed. So goes for all the complaints about Shotgun being OP, as you can read in the patchnotes they changed that too, same goes for most of it. They are listening, they didn't change their trajectory ? trust me
  7. Streamers like shroud will pick up the game again once it gets updated, which will increase player numbers again. Also, you are saying that you think they are going the wrong way. Then please explain me what is the right way in your opinion How would you like to see the game?
  8. Did you read all the past updates? Basically the major is one of the things they are doing to keep the competitive community intrested in the game. Many orgs already signed new teams since this announcement, just to take part in this major. If you think that they stop caring about the game and only want to do events by this announcement, you should go up and read the past announcements. They basically have prepared an entire Battalion 1944 V2.0, ready to hit test version somewhere in june, and getting released somewhere july. This event has nothing to do whether they listen to the community or not. They have listened to the community. They have changed numerous of things only based on what the community has been suggestion and wanting to see changed. My suggestion: go trough the updates they've announced once more Same goes for you, I don't know based on what you assume that Bulkhead has not recognized the problem? Yes playerbase is small, yes there are bugs, yes gameplay isn't smooth right now. But also, Yes they are starting to work on playerbase soon, yes they have fixed loads of bugs, yes they have completely changed the gameplay. With wartide 2.0, new movement system, new maps, mapchanges, new smokes, new ... coming up they show that they listen to the community... Please lets not ignore that And for those still not believing me: Here is a video of phantasy explaining most of the upcoming features and updates. And as you can see the major is only one tiny aspect of their plans. Balanced weapons, adjusted maps for a better gameflow, new wartide, new weapons, ladders, new playermodels, better lightning ... The list goes on
  9. Dark

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    as what i've heard and seen this was going to be an option. Might have changed over time though.
  10. Dark

    Make bomb visible when it's carried

    This could be a cool feature to add indeed.