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  1. I completely agree with crappy on this.
  2. Dark

    Timeline on update?

    "Lost Connection to host" I'd check up on your provider. I've not had this issue in months...
  3. Dark


    Have you had any previous bans on EAC protected games?It might have been a ban from another game resulted in a permanent EAC ban, affecting all games? Idk just guessing here. Thx for clearing that up People don't seem to get it haha.
  4. Dark

    Hi, spheRe from cod1,2 and 4

    Welcome sphere! What clans have you been in? I knew a guy called sphere back then but could be someone else
  5. This is something for @[CM] BigTuna.
  6. Anyone who can make a summary of what's going on in here? SO MUCH TO READ!!
  7. Dark


    I see what you mean, but as far as I heard most of the community , including devs are against this. Simply because of the fact it is OP as F*#K. No matter where you're running, standing, walking ... If a cooked nade lands next to you, you're dead. This isn't skillful at all. Anyone can cook and throw a nade. This could also make people just suicide bombing certain areas to win a round...
  8. There is a command to disable the afk-kick. So casting is possible. Set this command: "IdleCasualServerTime=300" to "IdleCasualServerTime=999999" to sort of disable afk kick.
  9. Just tested it and indeed, after10 minutes in a game, spectators get kicked.
  10. I'm gona give it a go on our servers right now (blitzkrieg battle). Hopefully this isn't the case #worried
  11. indeed, COD and csgo don't have overtime lol idk what you're on about...
  12. Dark

    Didn't recive the game key

    Depending on what you backed. Make sure to check ALL your emails, spamfolders, promotional folders, ... If you backed the right tier, you should have received an email containing your key to activate the game on steam. If you are 100% sure you didn't receive it you can contact [CM]BigTuna on the forums or send him a DM on twitter
  13. Dark

    Pre-release steam group for patches

    You mean like: PUBG Test server?
  14. Dark

    Server to test mods

    About using idk. But there are people who are working on mods and maps already...
  15. Dark

    False bans

    Anything that can cause EAC to ban you.