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  1. Q&A

    Thanks all
  2. You shouldn't get a cooldown if you get kicked out of a game... Because if you queue up with 4 toxic premades this happens: Press F to send prayers <3
  3. Q&A

  4. Q&A

    Because same questions keep coming back, here's a short Q&A Q: If I have a key, can I play tonight? A: Yes, everyone with a key will be able to play tonight Q: I didn't receive a beta key yet! What to do? A: Check out #media in discord for giveaways, or simply wait until 20/01. Most keys will be sent out then. Q: I own an alpha key, do I also need a beta key? A: No, people who have access to alpha can use the same client to play the beta. Q: If I have a beta key, do I also have access to EA? A: No, you will still have to buy the full version of the game (February 1st) Q: Client says it's outdated, what to do? A: Nothing, just wait till the servers and beta update go live! Q: Are we allowed to Stream? A: Yes! Beta Will no longer be under NDA so you can stream and share videos Q: Can we share pre-recorded alpha footage now NDA is lifted? A: No! Alpha footage remains under NDA! Q: When will we be able to play? A: Session 1: 18:00 GMT (19/01) - 06:00 GMT (20/01) Session 2: 18:00 GMT (20/01) - 06:00 GMT (22/01) If you got any more questions add them down below and I'll add them to the list!
  5. Out of data client?!?!

    it's normal, servers are closed. Wait for servers and beta update to go live at 6PM GMT
  6. beta battalion signup page

    Only a few lucky ones will receive their beta key on Friday already. And indeed influencers too
  7. Keyboards are so old fashioned ... I use a joystick! And a joystick only @TMD I also had this one, great keyboard indeed
  8. Battalion Discord

    I've had this before as well A guy going around to downvote EVERY post of me... just silly Btw what happened to your banner?
  9. Battalion Discord

    Also I wouldn't mind volunteering for helping out a extra hand of course
  10. As mentioned before by someone else: If you miss your first shot on close range with a sniper , you're dead. No matter how you wana turn it. So, knowing that, how is a sniper overpowered on close range. It requires a lot of skill to be able to rush with a sniper. Also as mentioned before. Snipers in CS:GO are mostly one shot kills (except in the legs, same is in battalion). Almost nobody pushes close range with AWP because it isn't about luck, it's really hard to land a shot close range with a sniper. People who rush with a sniper however have insane reflexes and have basically mastered the sniper class. They have the balls to risk it. Because: 1 shot missing = dead. It is not unfair against a rifle, especially not when a rifle is also one shot kill (headshot). That's what brammer mentioned earlier , the BAR now got buffed to 1 shot headshot on close range. (correct me if i misinterpret this out of his stream)
  11. Bullet damage drop off makes even less sense than bullet drop off... These are medium sized maps, how fast you want a bullet to lose damage? ALSO LIKE I SAID BEFORE (YES I TYPE IN CAPS NOW BECAUSE YOU REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND IT): LESS DAMAGE ON CLOSE RANGE DOESNT MAKE SENSE IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE.... CLOSE RANGE = MORE DAMAGE PHYSICS
  12. Battalion Discord

    Hello, I'd like to talk about the Battalion Alpha Discord and Official Battalion discord. The Alpha discord especially has always been a nice place with a fairly small community discussing the game and just having a laugh. But lately , now the game has opened up to the public, it's kind of becoming a mess. Don't get me wrong. I'm not blaming anyone here, but I think it's time for some changes in there. For example: No more welcome messages (Having so many people joining, it's just a big spam) More active moderators (I only see @seekax doing a job, a really good one btw) Cleaning up the voice channels (they look glitched, check screenshot down below) Rules about voice channels being a little weird (Don't go into there unless invited by a dev?) Rules might get updated with possible consequences (Rule nr8, gets done all the time, nobody does anything about it) Like in the competitive Battalion discord, having a region_assign in the other discords too. New members: first few minutes muted (to avoid spam) ... Just some suggestions, but since discord is the main form of communication in this community, I think there might be some more "maintenance" attention to it.