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  1. Beta Release

    They already said the game won't be that expensive. It will be somewhere between 10 - 30 Don't worry about that. To be able to compete with all big companies they won't make it too expensive. And even if it costs 50$ and they have micro transactions? What is the problem? I don't see any issue. Nobody has to buy it. I remember Cod having the ability to buy skins for your weapons, I never did it because i just didn't give a F@#k If people want to buy it, let them spend their money on it to support the game. CS:GO's first update also said that you can now buy skins to "SUPPORT" the game you like. That's what micro transactions are about.
  2. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    If it comes like CS:GO, you have a matchmaking where you can play competitive, you have all other gamemodes which you can play for fun, AND you have a server browser for dedicated servers. So you will have everything Even the option to rent/host your own server and play on big servers, custom maps, whatever you want.
  3. Beta Release

    If there will be micro transactions it will just be like CS:GO and PUBG. All cosmetics, having some different looks. Lets be real here, everyone likes to have more attention. That's the main reason people spend money on skins in CS:GO. Having people to compliment them with their inventory and/or skins They probably won't come up with DLC's since it's obvious that that is killing recent games. People don't always buy the DLC's, resulting in a split community, resulting in half filled servers or even empty servers... no point for that to happen. Adding mictro transaction for skins will still give them the money they would otherwise get with DLC's, but on another way, a way nobody is forced to buy it, it's a free choice, and it doesn't affect your gameplay.
  4. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    I expect their "big announcement" one or two days after EGX.
  5. Beta Release

    They are aiming at early 2018 yes
  6. Yea nobody complains, those who don't like alpha because of few content just disappear from the community
  7. The alpha? Personally I am. Many people don't enjoy it however. This because of only one map, one gametype atm. But that's alpha... Finding bugs and glitches, not "enjoying" the game
  8. Few Ideas by jackis

    This has been discussed already and the thing where they probably will go for is wallbanging the same way as it is in CS:GO atm. Able to penetrate light surfaces such as wood, and trough corners/edges of concrete walls. People won't be able to shoot trough a brick wall as far as I heard About this you should contact @[CM] BigTuna, send him a pm with what you bought and what email you used. He can look it up and give you the rank. Nice post bro, glad to see people putting out their ideas. I also hope for a nice spectator mode. If PUBG was able to pull off a good spectator mode i'm pretty sure Battalion will get this sorted as well And about the non-regen health, I completely agree. It does'nt really make sense when you hit someone (about 85 damage) with a kar, and he can just walk off with it after hiding for a few seconds. However I think this is part of their plan I think. @RevoluT. has a good point on that one. Taking the luck factor down. This way people can not just spray, throw nades and get a kill without having any skill or even seeing the enemy (except when you're standing on top of a nade ofcourse...) Nice ideas! Let's see what the rest of the community thinks of this!
  9. Letting People buy into Alpha isn't gona change number of players. It has still one map and one gametype. Many People who bought into Alpha expected a finished game... once more maps and gamemodes come out all Alpha players Will play again.
  10. Beta Release

    They have big announcements coming up. Probably beta ETA coming soon! Alpha is Running Tour it's end , game is getting well shaped. Personaly i expect closed beta somewhere october-november.
  11. Fake Battalion 1944 demo

    Oh please... The startup screen has battlefield font written "battalion 1944" lol. This litteraly tot me laughing 😂 "demo", "play", "crack"?! What is this version? Its not official obviously, so it is a crack or demo? Doesnt make any sense lol. This is just some clickbait and a big prank lol
  12. come a promod ore pammod

    ESL believes in the game. That's the reason why BT44 had a booth at ESL ONE cologne. So that's already a good sign
  13. come a promod ore pammod

    As far as I know, I'm pretty sure there will be the ability for people to create and play mods, together with custom maps. Competition however will probably just be in the "standard" game since this game is already very close to COD Promod feeling.
  14. Discord

    They were busy with, and at gamescom. You should get a reply near next week
  15. Gamescom 2017

    Hell yea! Can't wait for next alpha!