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  1. abracadabra

    Rifle Balance

    People are looking to much into this and going all science and shit If you dont have the personal skill to aim at these 1 shot kill spots then simply you WONT GET ONE! you can say hitbox this hitbox that but if YOU the player cant hit it then thats where the problem is.. not small hitboxes or hitboxes in the wrong places or springing or walking crap its all PLAYER dependent. this isn't cod..... this isn't csgo.....this isnt moh...this is a completely different company and different game so stop comparing it to other things smh. abra
  2. abracadabra

    Rifle Balance

    Skill gap... we can all say what we want about 1 shot / 2 shot kills but at the end of the day it all comes down to the player if you cant aim at the right spots to get the 1 shot then you simply going to have to have a another shot or............. 5 for some
  3. abracadabra

    Rifle Balance

    Thats why you aim for the upper chest/neck.....like i said this is what separates the men from the boys if you cant aim at the right spots for the 1 shots you pay the price of having to take another one for the kill....Skill gap
  4. abracadabra

    Rifle Balance

    How can there be hit reg problems.. you either hit the head/neck/upper chest area for 1 shot or miss it and have to fire again
  5. abracadabra

    Rifle Balance

    This is about as perfect as you can get... Its about your personal aim this is what separates the men from the boys If you have naturally good aim you will be aiming for the head/neck/chest area anyway for the 1 shot kills If you aint aiming for the 1 shot spots its your own fault and will have to hit another one its that simple skill gap boys skill gap
  6. abracadabra

    Lets talk Taunts

    You know when your playing game and you pull off that sick 360 noscope or you sneak up on that guy whos not looking behind him and you stab that f**ker in the back and all your teams like "dam bro you 1337 af!" Well a taunt system would be awesome I mean who doesn't love pulling a sick move off and shoving it in the opponents face. People who played moh will be familiar with the taunt system where you could press a button and a list would show and you could play a audio taunt which other players could hear and it would also display as text German moh taunts sorry couldnt find a video of taunts in English. and here is a list of all commands and taunts Taunts list that you used no matter what side you was on just the language would change eg English,German and Russian if I remember I think either a visual taunt or audio taunt would be pretty awesome in B44. I also know that people take advantage of a taunt system and just spam the life out of them annoying everybody so id say best way to stop that is have a "Enable/Disable Taunts" option in settings to keep everyone happy. This just came to me today so i thought id share it
  7. abracadabra

    Hey Hey

    Hey Everybody, Been a competitive gamer from a young age played the usual games moh vcod cod2 cod4 cs:s cs:go ended up quiting gaming due to no real competitive games around at the time that I really enjoyed and wanted to put my time into. B44 gameplay and dev team both look top notch will be purchasing a new computer in the very near future to get stuck in some games again.