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  1. -=B2Z=-Goucho

    12 Noon Europe Server 12 players in total????

    Thanx for this... anyone got any ideas of how i am going wrong, surely this game can't be a fail
  2. Hey guys what am I doing wrong? I have gone into the server browser and can only find 12 players .... 6 on one and the rest single sitters on other servers? Does this include those who use the Arcade feature or is this game as dead as a dodo? Cannot believe it or I must be doing something very wrong. How do you see how many players are in-game via steam?
  3. -=B2Z=-Goucho

    OTT Jumping

    Very sad to see such a start to this game's release. In my lowly opinion and voicing those I have played the game alongside the bunnyhoppingstrafejumpingoneshotheadshothipshooting is a bit overwhelming and turning many off the game. Shame
  4. -=B2Z=-Goucho

    Hey there guys :)

    The game is coming on very well. Looking forward to the Beta