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  1. BrothersChris

    Date Required

    Nearly a year from (EA) release, official release is 2019 WTF is going on, anyone know?
  2. BrothersChris

    Date Required

    Hi DOES ANYONE HAVE AN INCLINE TO WHEN THE MOD TOOLS WILL BE RELEASED? Had a look the other day and 17, yes 17 people were playing this game. I know it is still 8 months from release, but what a release it would be if mod tools were released in time to build mods and maps. Still potentially an amazing game - we need mods!!!!!! Chris
  3. Hi All I thought I'd post because it has been a bit quite lately. I'm sure we're all still excited about what mods will do for us. What the TR community require is Mod tools release date, not Q2, Q3, blah blah blah A DATE! Until the date is released or they release them in secret while were all asleep, unfortunately most clans as we will be, are non existent in this game. Let the Mod tool gods be with us. My mod tools prediction release date: Thursday 23 August 2018 - I'd like it to be Thursday 5th April as this is the first week in q2. Chris
  4. BrothersChris

    TR Mod Wish List

    Thanks Noodle, much appreciated Btw, Robbo came on Discord last Sunday, hopefully we will see more of him.
  5. BrothersChris

    TR Mod Wish List

    I totally agree Holmes, but I always explain this argument "for the good of TR, fairness and honour" like this It is def 100% not realistic if both parties have to aim, but it makes it 100% fair. Thompson versus Kar98 (booth spooked) first to raise sights, shoot and hit wins. Drastically reducing damage would also work. Another prime example on how TR can be subjective as most things in life are. Chris
  6. Hi All What do you wish for, when a TR mod comes out Here is my list 1. No damage when shooting unless you are aiming. 2. Gun unable to shoot when jumping/vaulting 3. Able to move bomb sites 4. Bomb plant/defuse time - random 8, 10 or 12 seconds. No noise for plant/defuse. No ticking noise. 5. No dead messages, no indication of dead/alive on score board. 6. No hit markers, no cross hairs. No scoreboard update till end of round or map. 7. Speed control for sprint, walk and when aiming with guns. 8. Healing. 9. Height damage control 10. Cooking nades + No nades in first 30 secs 11. Load out control 12. Force A or B plant when player count is low 13. !b3 14. Carry one primary weapon only. 15. All guns able to adjust bullet speed and damage. (The Garand can shoot 8 bullets compared to around 2 in WRM) Any mod which can accommodate most of these points will bode well with nearly all TR clans/servers. This is probably a combo of BRM and WRM, mainly WRM Now I've woke up dreaming, lets see what comes about. Hoping Chris
  7. BrothersChris

    Tactical Realism

    Hi Others Long time no chat What I would give to have a "Robbo". The WaW mod was, well, just different gravy. Noodle is on the mod case (Q2) Mod tools in Q2 Thanks Chris
  8. BrothersChris

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    Here is a top guide https://www.eliteownage.com/mouseguide.html Read it, its in depth, then adjust what feels best for yourself. First thing I did after reading the guide was purchase a 3 foot mouse pad. Chris
  9. BrothersChris

    Tactical Realism

    Noodle, Noodle, Noodle Now you have made my Christmas card list. Tell them to hurry up!! (in Q2) Chris
  10. BrothersChris

    Tactical Realism Clan Players/Lovers

    Hey Bazza Hit me up on steam: Brotherschris Your steam ID is? Chris
  11. BrothersChris

    Esport bomb timer

    It's not an idea When mods arrive, us in the Tactical Realism community usually will have this in the mod. 1. No sound when planting 2. No sound when defusing 3. No clock unless you attempt or are defusing the bomb, then is shows 4. No countdown You could hear them plant or defuse if you were 20 foot or less from the bomb. The only way you could usually tell when someone was planting without seeing them was the A or B bomb sites icon changed. Usually 1 minute total bomb time and 10 seconds to plant and defuse The suspense can sometimes be well, you all know. Chris
  12. BrothersChris

    Should We Remove Jump Shooting?

    Exactly, making this poll stupid. The game is perfect for ALL gamers, some now, most later. You will be able to do what you want, you could even mod in, when you jump you shit your pants. It's 4 days into early access, 1 whole year from release. Chris
  13. BrothersChris

    Welcome to the "Tactical" place

    It was, at one point we had 16 TR players on, we played around 3 to 4 maps and it was the best gaming I've experienced in about 5 years. God bless TR!!!
  14. BrothersChris

    Welcome to the "Tactical" place

    Yes, we have 2 servers and are only enforcing 2 x rules (to non TR players) at the moment and only when we have members on. It's a start. Oh i miss B3! 1. Always aim when shooting 2. No Jumping/Jump shooting London server: BROTHERS TACTICAL REALISM TR RULES EURO - IP New York server: BROTHERS TACTICAL REALISM TR RULES USA- IP Add me on steam: Brotherschris Chris
  15. BrothersChris

    Tactical Realism Clan Players/Lovers

    np King, see you in TR forums