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    So fighters in ufc, box and so on are old and have no reflexes after 30 hahahha or u will say that aint the same type of reflexes
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    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Hahah a that nobody is whom? 300 players daily... he cant be missed if theres no ppl that could noticed hahah... soon u will be the only one playing, that nobody would care
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    https://www.gametracker.com/search/cod2/? ... 829 playing right now an its late at night ... hahahahahahahahhahaha ... even better: https://www.gametracker.com/search/cod/?sort=3&order=DESC#search https://www.gametracker.com/search/mohaa/?sort=3&order=DESC ... btw i am at que for 20 min now... perfect ... just keep the freaking money and cancle this game and go make games for android mobile phones like candy crash saga or maybe a remake of a snake from nokia 3310 ...
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    Game's Dead guys..

    I never comment but i must now... its a big difference now then on 1st feb... i rly see and know that game will only get better in next few months... and screw those who flame and didnt even play the game for last week+ or so and noticed it...il rather stick to 2k players then get those toxic kids back when the game gets even better... cheers and sry for my english ?