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  1. Please consider making the purchases fixed not in a loot box system or if you do add loot boxes make them obtainable and openable with out needing to spend a single cent
  2. Vortek

    PAX AUS Maybe?

    Is Bulkhead thinking of visiting everyone in Australia at PAX?
  3. Vortek

    Australian Community Post

    Hey there I am from Australia to and your in luck there is a Battalion AUS discord server https://discord.gg/ASpPWBJ
  4. Hi all I am curious on how I can preorder/buy battalion the kickstarter is done and I want to atleast play beta is there any ways around this?
  5. Vortek

    Tanks! how to make them work!

    I would not enjoy having tanks in this game, Battalion is a game about gun skill and tanks would destroy that purpose. But as phantasy said it is not impossible.
  6. Vortek

    No Shotguns please

    Hey, I am happy to hear that they will be balanced well. I shouldn't of said that I didn't want them at all but I do find them game changing if they aren't balanced well.
  7. Vortek

    No Shotguns please

    I am not sure if they have said anything about no shotguns, but if they haven't please don't add them.
  8. Vortek


    Hey everyone, I would like to know what region servers there will be, I am from Australia so will there be Oceanic servers or do I need to play on US?