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  1. Game's Dead guys..

    i just wish that they would stop wasting money on a $10,000 lans and instead either do a league for the same amount of money so that more then 10 teams could actually compete for it or save it and announce a $50k tournament to generate massive hype. A 10k lan orgs arent even interested in that since there is no money to be made there, only locals can attend. If this game is to survive it will be on Competitive mode and Esports scene, and until this game can function properly at an Esports level with Esports prize pools and proper game balancing we will be stuck in the mud for a while, even if they announce a bigger update in march that alone wont help boost player numbers.
  2. sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    Could not care less what u or your brainless friends have to say, half of you that post here dont even play the damn game beyond arcade so your opinions are fucking pointless. You are comparing fucking cod2 weapons that have nothing to do with this game. IF you nerf mp40 from 2 hits to 3, heavy weapons already kill in 3 shots, so why should an smg have the same amount of hit markers to kill a player, while the heavy class has 1 shot headshot potential as well as comes with a nade..... It makes 0 sense to do that, but if this isnt obv to you yet then clearly it never will be. At close range an smg vs a heavy should dominate 90% of the time besides the lucky 1 shot hs, mp40 is in a good place with a slower fire rate then thompson and with much more recoil then even the stg, but once again if this isnt obv to you yet, it will never be.
  3. sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    it shoots slow has high recoil and takes 100 hits to kill if the target is past your nose i dont see the problem. STG can kill in 1 hit, shoots fast, has great movement speed and comes with a nade, whats the problem? Fine, lets nerf smg and give it 1 shot headshot potential then? as well as a nade? Stop trying to do global nerf's to an entire class and focus on weapons that actually need it like the thompson, but im not surprised that your tiny little brain cant comprehend the difference between overpowered and simply being strong.
  4. sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    if its fine then why u want it nerfd? mp40 seems perfectly fine, hitting something medium distances with that thing is not an easy task, and its fire rate is in good shape, thompson is self explanatory, but mp40 is in good shape right now. Smg should be accurate even while not ADSing, just like the smgs were in cod4, but in cod4 smgs had their own identity that in this game they seem to just lack.
  5. sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    mp40 is fine, thompson needs a nerf, bar still could use a buff seems very weak, shotgun should be removed, weapon is just broken, it either 1 hits u from anywere on the map or u tag ppl, holding down certain objectives with a shotgun on certain maps is far too easy. Kar98 is just too good while moving, it needs to be slowed down, slow its movement or something. I also dont get why SMG players are at the same movement speed as heavy and snipers, i swear i cant out run my teammates in spwn while sprinting because there is no movement speed difference.

    TS seems to be a console player or something, i was sorta reading this post with like a joke mentality, but when he said " The sides should swap every round." i just stopped. Seems to be confused and lost, and your suggestions are way worse then what we have currently, no solutions provided that make even remotely any sense so yeah. Learn to manage you cards better, learn to throw in save rounds, and if you are constantly getting destroyed every round while using actual weapon cards then yes, you will be poor until you learn to either get better or learn to manage your cards, this is not much different from counter strike if the entire team buys weapons every round instead of using save rounds and they are constantly losing rounds, yes they will be poor and will be forced to either use a pistol or smgs for couple rounds. Entire thread sounds like a console player being confused about PC fps games.
  7. The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    honestly, i really dont know how cod4 had it, or what the differences were, but i did not think this was an issue in cod4 when i played it professionally. I dont know if its the TTK in this game, or the fact that you can 1 shot headshot kill some1 when u couldn't in cod4 and thats why TTK feels very fast giving the jumper an advantage because of the high of were his head is and the person in the air having to aim lower for an easier headshot, i just dont know what it is, but strafe jumping seems to give a huge advantage in this game. Could it be like hitbox lagging behind the player model? I dont know, it does feel very very strong, not anything that would break the game since it can be used the same by any player, but its a very strange feeling to be scared of some1 jumping around a corner and for some reason feeling scared even though u should have the advantage.
  8. Pretty simple, that thing is a laser, its spread is like having no recoil, it has none, the range makes no sense, 1 shots from higher range then an smg that needs 2-3 hits from same range, not aiming down sights with it is the easiest thing ever, it like never misses or tags, always insta kill. At this point its a joke from a competitive scene since ppl r holding down areas with a shotgun that no other gun can contest. Im sure most people will agree, at least those that are looking into playing comp and have been scrimming, its extremely unbalanced. Remove it or nerf it to the ground, the game is perfectly balanced without it and it just creates issues for no reason and other games clearly dont have this implemented for a reason, the weapon is impossible to balance and therefor is not presented in most competitive fps games.
  9. Game's Dead guys..

    I wish that once they fix some of their issues with connectivity/crashes that they would announce a big tournament like $25k-$50k worth, its exactly what this game needs right now, publicity and once it goes on twitch being streamed with high prizes on the line and you can see the competitive environment from start to finish, something pubg simply cant provide, it can explode. For a game like this, Esports is everything.
  10. Depends how close, at a distance the shotgun 1 hits ppl the smg needs 3-4 hits, and u must control your recoil on guns like mp40 to get 4 hits in while the shotgun can 1 hit without adsing, with no control of anykind, and its firerate is insanely fast.
  11. Your problem is you are trying to use actual skill with this weapon and are adsing down sights... DONT, just dont ADS with it and the bullet spread(what spread lawl) will always kill the guy. Because you are aiming down sights with it, it like pushes the spread more and if you hit feet or arms it will tag, just dont aim down sights, its a brainless weapon. Just look at wisefrags tournament, even casters were making fun of it because it was being abused already.
  12. shotgun 1 hits at the same range the smg takes 2-3 hits..... Obv im not talking about half a map distance. Look at this video all the way at the end.... That range is beyond stupid.... At that range smg is 3-4 hits shotgun 1 hits it..... Its such a joke... Im convinced some of you dont have the game and are just simply trying to hurt it..... Im playing this competitively and its the most OP thing holding objectives. You can beat an smg close range since its not 1 hit, you can beat a sniper if they miss a shot, but a shotgun shoots so damn fast, damage is insane, its so accurate, and the best part, you dont need to ads with it.... u just basically jump around and spray... Its simply unbalanced and if you want the comp scene to be taken srsly, one person holding some key objectives on some of these maps should not have such insane success with a shotgun. There is a reason why in most games its useless, cuz its impossible to balance properly and therefor the actual game does better with it useless since all the other guns r much easier to balance.
  13. Why would u ever be caught in the open with it? Like what game are you playing... There are very specific and OP spots to hold with a shotgun that no other gun can contest... Besides the positioning, the weapon balance is wrong... It shoots way too fast, has no bullet spread, you dont need to ads for it to be accurate, and you get a free smoke with it. It has higher range then an SMG does... I mean there are videos posted on this very thread of how insane the range of the shotgun is.... Plain and simple it is not balanced, its the dumbest weapon in the game right now that is making the rest of the balancing look bad. I swear i think you guys only play arcade and base all of this balancing of that and not actual scrims or tournament play.
  14. nerf shotgun or send this game back to beta, im sorry but such a glitch cant be allowed to be in games at this point in the dev cycle, ive never seen such madness before in any game. Starting to lose confidence when these kind of things get by testing phase somehow and are allowed to be in the game. The shotgun is a kar98, a rocketlauncher all in one yet we are worried about heavy buffs?
  15. bump, still broken, fix plz
  16. Just bumping this because i want this discussion to go on. I see the devs are buffing the STG and the BAR, im waiting for superduper cannon shotgun nerf, that has insane range, no ads reqruied god tier damage cannon to be dealt with. If you want this game to succeed, please start balancing it properly, these kind of monstrosities cant be left untouched for this long, not even sure how this got passed the testing stages.
  17. recoil

    well, its a tricky one, yeah as a competitive player i would love more recoil because i know that it would increase the skill gap a bit and that it would be more rewarding getting accomplishments with more skillful combat. I think its pretty much a fact that cant really be debated on recoil on probably what? 95% of the guns that they have very low recoil that is super easy to control and pretty much everyone is using full auto at all times which can contribute to the fast tkk and full auto sprays across the map that are making some ppl frustrated. There are still balance issues that hopefully are being looked at, but it will come down to peoples opinions, if there are enough ppl asking for a change, im sure it can sway the devs. On the other side i see the issue with snipers/rifles being strong already and only getting stronger if they were to increase recoil on other guns. So i think at the end of the day its kind of a preference on what annoys you more, getting killed by snipers/kar98 or lasering ppl with an stg or a thompson. Me, i love to have more recoil on most of the guns to help create more skillful combat and hopefully we can work on a rifle/sniper nerf's down the line, but thats just my preference.
  18. yeah its insane, this has been obv to any player who is looking to go pro/play ina comp environment, the only ones who struggle with this weapon being OP r the arcade players who are busy hiding in corners in tdm with a shotgun pretending that there is "art" to it, a pretty sad joke.
  19. Art to shotgunning? DiD i just read that correctly? Are you kidding me? Its the most braindead weapon in the game, you literally dont need to do anything... u dont even need to ads........ Anyone that comes around a corner that you are holding gets 1 hit.....hell the reload is so fast you can manage to hit them twice b4 an smg can hit 3 shots on u from same distance..... Brings up csgo as if in csgo those weapons r ever used besides 0.0001% of the time in some niche way by a niche person, its never used in competitive because there are better alternatives and thats how it should be. None of this changes the fact that the gun is not balanced properly, has no bullet spread, and never requires you to ads to get kills, as well as having a higher range then an smg.
  20. Jump Shooting - CoD2 player's perspective.

    would def not mind some sway on the scope, it kind of would balance it a bit by making it a bit harder to use but only at the slightest of levels.Not something i would be advocating about, but would be a nice feature that makes sense in general, probably 90% of shooters have sway.
  21. bunny hopping/ instant kills

    What does this have to do with sprinting..... Its the devs fault for making these guns shoot like lasers....And ontop of lasers, you are still able to laser ppl while jumping... This isn't a sprint thing, its a balance issue which hopefully gets looked into. I think the dsync combined with the odd looking jump animation might need to be looked into by the devs because it seems that the target that is jumping is very hard to hit for some reason even if you know he is going to jump vs a sprinting target that is grounded, i wonder if it has something to do with hitboxes not being accurate with the player model while its in the air. Making guns more inaccurate while jumping should be a simple fix, but at the end of the day, this game isnt made to be a slow paced realistic shooter, and you were able to do this in cod4 promod, only difference here is that the damage in this game might be a tad too high atm but it isnt anything in the realm of craziness.
  22. Will macros be banned?

    i mean there are different kinds of macros... rapid fire were you hold your mouse button and single fire guns become automatic, and anti recoil macros were your macro compensates for the kick of your weapon so all you have to do is worry about side to side recoil and aiming, the second macro's are much harder to prevent.