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  1. Battalion's community health

    yeah and thats really cool, that nvidia video was awesome but i dont expect them to be dishing that out weekly. Like i said, nothing major, but some cool screenshots or tidbits once or twice a week would be super cool and helpful not only for the fans but for the forum to stay active for the newcomers that might join.
  2. Wallbang's

    cod4 had wallbangs and it seemed perfectly balanced, some weapons could wallbang, others could not, some places you were safe, in others you were not. It made the people who liked camping a house less OP, so even though you were on the outside with less cover you could still wallbang the guy who was in an obv spot which seemed fair to me. Wallbangs also make snipers stronger so i guess it depends on peoples playstyles, i think cod4 promod was very well balanced when i look back at how things worked.
  3. Battalion's community health

    i think small tidbits is not asking too much, sharing a screenshot or a tweet for the community to talk about on these forums and keep it active so that when new people join they dont see a ghost town of old threads sitting at the top would be nice. I know there is a lot of discussion going on in closed alpha forums/discord, but an NDA does not prevent the devs from communicating with its base, some tidbits here and there would be really cool, its better then nothing
  4. Price Strategy

    I mean $50 can be a turn off for a game like this, but hell, counter strike series was always cheap, and as ive stated i think its going to be $19.99 or $29.99, im just simply saying what i would pay for a game that will support dedi servers/mod tools/PC community, because there are very few out there, those features to me are priceless these days. These days mobile games come at a decent cost as well, or filled with micro transactions which these days its pretty common and almost expected, hell i actually think they help most games secure budget for further content(look at pubg with their new cases/items to support the lan in Germany). Overall what will define this game is if its going to be regarded as an esports game, otherwise there are plenty games out there with a story mode, better graphics and a ton of fluff, but no competitive scene, people dont play csgo for graphics or story mode, simply because its a competition based game and thats what im hoping battalion will be, a high skill shooter with great support and hopefully lot of communications with leagues will help it grow its Esports base. Im sure the price will make a lot of people happy.
  5. Price Strategy

    i mean if people are willing to buy multiple games then a $50 price tag is nothing special.. i mean its an expected price for a ps4 game these days.. Obv as a customer i would love to pay as little as i can, but just speaking in general terms, if someone told me the price tag was $50, i would say, ok cool, and im sure it will be under that im just trying to emphasize the normality of that price tag. As for titalfall, i think the price tag made perfect sense, like you said its a AAA fps game, i think people are just not as excited about modern warfare type combat as well as like you said it came into competition with cod and bf which is basically suicide for any other franchise to launch an fps game with in that time frame. Overall, personally myself i am not worried about the price tag at all, i would predict that it will be at $29.99, regardless, im a competitive player and all i really are about is how polished the game is for an Esport, id pay a lot more then $50 for a game like that, but thats just me.
  6. Price Strategy

    i mean honestly in 2017 even 50 bucks i would not consider too expensive, i mean ppl are spending thousands on games like madden, buying ships for star citizen and players and gold for games like runescape, a one time fee personally to me is nothing out of the realm of understanding. Id pay double what current cod's cost if it means i will have a game that was made on pc and for pc running smooth and having actual support features that PC games need, such as dedi servers and mod tools, the price is a small thing to pay to get things that are very hard to come by these days.
  7. Battalion 1944 NVIDIA Video

    nice video, and one that i havent seen. Looks like the game is very smooth even in the early stages which is great, cant wait to get my hands on it and try it for myself.
  8. So i was bored browsing around the forums, and i found a thing that lets you start your own club, i made my club and its set on "open", where do i go to make it invite only? If i click manage club it only lets me change like 2 options and none of them are accessibility options. Is this like a testing feature or what? Maybe im just blind and cant see it, if someone could help me out it would be much appreciated.
  9. Wallbang's

    yeah this doesn't have to be very complicated, if it makes sense and its something that an mp40 should be able to shoot thru then thats what it should do, i think its safe to say a concrete wall wont be penetrated by small caliber bullets and we wont be having 50cals in this game so as long as it makes sense should be pretty easy to accomplish.
  10. Is it too late to buy into the Alpha?

    Yeah the kickstarter has closed and as of right now there are no ways to purchase a key thats from these guys. There are probably third party websites or reddit ppl that might sell you one, but its probably not very safe nor recommended. Right now most are waiting for open beta, and there has been some small talks about maybe down the line letting more players purchase in for bigger testing pool, but as of right now its just rumors.
  11. Battalion's community health

    Yeah i mean its fine im not saying it has to be done now or every day, but something like crowfall has a monthly and weekly progression updates that they have been doing for a year now, small bits here and there for players to discuss about and keep occupied. I haven't heard anything since the alpha 2.0 announcement and i know that nda prevents many discussions on these forums as well as discord, but small weekly tidbits here and there would be nice.
  12. Battalion's community health

    not gona lie showing some signs of life would be nice, pretty dead atm
  13. yeah i loved having different filmtweaks binded to different keys one for every map, could even make your sky white so you could see the nades in the sky easier, great thing to have made the game more pretty without hindering too much performance.
  14. used to love using filmtweaks in cod4
  15. Running - CoD vs CoD:UO

    should be just like cod4 promod, that was perfection and should be built upon
  16. i mean not all games actually need those programs, some games look fine on their own, especially if you arent going to have all this fancy artwork and keep it Esports friendly.
  17. Rifle Balance

    This video shows a balance of clips with multiple weapons which prove nothing in terms of my argument for not having a 1 shot kill in the chest.. I dont think anyone is arguing that all guns dont have a purpose, well maybe the constantly misinformed @RevoluT. who somehow uses the dumbest examples to support his claims, but there is no hidden secret that in cod2 rifles were the strongest gun by far, even in the video constant no scopes 1 hitting people thru smoke, or miles away to the chest can easily show you this. Ive played against,with and lanned with those guys from that video so im glad someone posted it, still does not change the fact that rifles were by far the strongest weapon in cod2 and was used the most in basically all the pubs(which had limits on how many rifles/snipers you could have for the very purpose of keeping it interesting and not a snipefest) atleast the good servers anyways. This was no different in cod4 which had limitations on how many snipers you could have on your team.... and once again in pubs usually each team in a 20 man server could have 2 per team, meaning only 4 snipers out of 20. Some trolls are trying to make it seem like i dont want to have rifles or snipers in the game which could not be further from the truth, i just simply want it better balanced then cod2 was to have as good of an Esports environment as you can possible get.
  18. Rifle Balance

    "yet this guy comes with this argument" No my son, you came with this argument to portray yourself as a victim, my argument as well as other peoples have clearly been stated and explained, im sorry your lack of attention span is preventing you from properly doing simple things like quoting me. Regardless if you are ex cod2 player or not, this is not cod2, and should not be a rifle infested strafe fest where everyone is getting 1 hit constantly with no chance of fighting back. If you want to snipe so badly go play any recent cod, im sure they are all 1 hit in HC mode.
  19. Rifle Balance

    Exactly what ive been saying, these people simply want this game to be rifle infested game(just because its ww2 shooter) where it takes no skill to 1 shot anyone because of the crazy fat hitboxes that are giving out free kills to even the most mediocre of players. Snipers are banned from most pubs because they are annoying and unbalanced when they are 1 hit kill from torso up. Cod2 rifles only servers are a joke and a pure definition of overpowered showing you that close or far it does not matter when it comes to 1 hitting constantly with a rifle. When you are hit in a toros you take huge damage and use your skills as a player to finish your opponent of, nothing complicated here. If you are a skilled player you can headshot them trying to run across or lean peak you while holding down certain areas, even without a kill you do great things for your team by holding down a zone. All these inexperienced players who are used to call of duty spacewars sniper smgs, are talking out of their butts screaming foul about rifles being useless if they dont 1 hit from chest up, which could not be any further from the truth. SMG's will win from close range and have high mobility, and snipers/rifles will win from distance, its a simple concept which makes sense and has always made sense, using the "but but its too hard" arguement is just silly.
  20. Rifle Balance

    While we are looking at CS, we can look at how specialized that weapon is in an eco system and how its usually only used by one player who is the teams sniper, meaning its not for everyone and nor should it be expected to be used widespread, its a skill gap weapon like it should be, and thats considering that an awp 1 hits from stomach up. As i mentioned, there is no reason to complain about that weapon in a competitive setting because its scarcely used besides 1 or 2 players on the team who are designated to actually use it. In pubs however that weapon is mostly banned for the very reason that people dont want to be 1 hit from body up turning into sniper only mode. The smgs were not forgotten, im sure they will not be 1 hitting with a hs from a mile away as im sure there will be a damage drop based on distance, but that is no different then CS when using AK, its perfectly common and no one is complaining about that. SMG's can move all they want, but in an SnD format game they will have to cross certain spots and a skill gap weapon like a sniper or a rifle will shine, but if they can one hit from chest up(reducing the skill level required to use those guns) then it will be a rifle infested game which will turn new people away from the game when they dont even know where they got shot from and insta died. This should not be a cod2 rifles only game, it should have a proper skill gap needed to make this an interesting competitive Esports fps, ontop of the regular game modes that it will have.
  21. Rifle Balance

    Holy hell you must be really new to competitive fps games. You can tag a guy and finish him with a pistol pretty damn easy, especially if you know hes guaranteed 1 hit after the tag. You can eat a sniper shot, hide to recover, by then your entire team is dead while you are sitting prone in a corner giving the enemy team a number advantage and still having to leave that corner and get hit again.... Im so confused how you keep belittling the sniper over and over again like they can only shoot once and then its either get a kill or simply die in the spot they are standing in. Once again you are really new... Battalion 1944 is still being worked on and half the guns are not even in yet, so im not sure how you can say that it will have no recoil. Cod2 had plenty of recoil as well as cod4, certainly more then any cod to come out in years or most other shooters. This actually made me laugh, since ive played in every league that cod4 had to offer in every season that it ran while it was alive, so i clearly can say with 100% certainty that you weren't apart of that scene which makes sense from the lack of understanding about this issue. Replaying with "what? or "makes no sense " isn't going to help you prove your point, what ever that is, nor discredit what i say, so try harder next time please.
  22. Rifle Balance

    First of, not everyone will be 100% hp all the time so they will get killed even if you tag them in the stomach or chest, second, neck up is a decent size hit box for a weapon that requires skill to use, hence a single shot rifle/sniper is not for everyone....and third, you can tag a guy for 99% of his hp and then 1 tap him with a pistol instantly, its been done before in most shooters, i dont see why this is any different. SMG's have a thing called recoil, you cant simple spray them like in recent cods like lazer guns, im sure their damage values will lessen with distance and they will have to close that distance when facing a sniper, especially in a 5v5 when that sniper will have back up. I love how you keep making an argument that a poor lonely sniper wont kill anyone, but at the same time that sniper will just instantly die to smgs and somehow cant adjust his positioning at all. I also never made any real life argument, i simply said it makes more sense then being constantly 1 shot in the chest making this game rifles only while constantly strafing like you are playing cod hardcore(disgusting)
  23. Rifle Balance

    Just looking at the poll and seeing how close it is, i dont think there are merits for simply making it 1 shot kill to the body and to the head. I think having from the neck up as a 1 shot makes perfect sense both in real life and in game world. Im trying to picture a competitive scene and people are just using rifles/snipers because they are 1 hit pretty much from the body up, which can create stale gameplay because people will be scared to cross or peak. Overall, a rifle/sniper doing like 95% dmg if hit in upper chest is not a bad thing, its basically 1 rifle and 1 pistol shot away from death, where as if you hit them from the neck up its insta kill.
  24. Joe Brammer @ DDL

    im very happy when i hear sophisticated conversation between the interviewer and the host. The knowledge of promod and things like running against the wall to boost your speed means that the knowledge is there and it reinforces my confidence. I maybe wish the games mode was not compared to hearthstone because i just dont know how good it is to compare an fps game that might have card game mechanics(just my opinion) but saying a mix between csgo and cod2/cod4 is a wonderful comparison that can drag people to it. Im hoping to start hearing more news and updates on how things are going, especially once the beta is closer, i know in alpha its under nda so you cant really discuss it, but just general weekly news would be great.
  25. Just curious, i come from cod4, and imo it had some of the best directional sound ive ever heard in a game, you could hear exactly where the person was and it was key in the pro scene. Im not sure if people who are testing can comment on this, but in the videos its a bit hard to hear it, do we know what the focus on footsteps and directional sound will be for this game? Another question i have, how far can or will be able to throw your nades in this game? In cod4 you were able to effectively use nades as an anti rush feature, there was a learning curve to find the spots and master the set nades to prevent enemy team from just straight rushing you and taking key positions, is this game going to try to mimic that? Will i be able to chuck nades over houses long distances to be able to keep a team from rushing me? Ive seen a topic on cook nades and i think it was pretty heated so i wasn't going to revive it since im asking a different question about it.