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  1. Yes im sure there will be a way to earn some sort of points or tokens to purchase some boxes, or earn them randomly after matchmaking games which is their competitive platform. I doubt you will be able to earn anything on dedicated servers or anything else besides MM. Im also fully expecting to pay for them if there is a skin i want as its common sense, or atleast i would hope it would be. But yes i agree with you, it would be nice to have other form of currency to earn loot boxes, but since its all cosmetic thats the least of my worries for the game.
  2. so you want them to create content but not make money in return as well as have no economy for players who acquired those items to ever be able to sell them or trade them? There is a big different between micro-transactions and pay2win, if they make us boxes with skins in them, and its all cosmetics, you better be damn sure you are going to pay for it and probably have an option to purchase it with coins, but one would have a lot more hassle then the other. Im a realist, i know what to expect and i know what i would do if i was at the head of the dev team
  3. New map leaked?

    looks nice, but also looks really really big, i doubt all all of this is playable. Probably cant enter that big church.
  4. well it sounds like we wont play before January tbh just because he says "we're gonna make some noise" talking about January, so he couldn't really say that if say they gave us a beta right now, because a beta would be making some noise and early access would not be anything special in January if we already playing the game in the beta. So just from what he said and the way im understanding it, i guess they will stay dark until then but probably will give us a video confirming that and showing us what content we can expect, some sneak peaks. What im hoping for is for a closed beta/open beta and then early access, but its just hopes, as well as being able to purchase into a beta if its closed.
  5. CODWW2 beta public

    yup, last night it wasn't as big of an issue as it was today, im guessing these were just released because all day today i had to leave every other lobby because of ppl just aimbotting in a beta lmao... This kind of makes me wonder, what anti cheat is battalion looking at? if any? Punkbuster? I think pubg has a good one in battle eye, will it be vac from steam? Or is it still unknown?
  6. CODWW2 beta public

    pretty much spot on, im surprised he didnt mention the fall damage, its like way too stupid right now lol, you drop from the first step down and u take fall dmg for falling .1 of an inch. Already encountered multiple hackers as well and its only beta, yikes. I really honestly hope battalion will be the exact opposite in every way
  7. So was the announcement delayed or what?
  8. CODWW2 beta public

    been playing it, its just so inconsistent and randomized. The maps r so small filled with tons of crap littered all over every inch of the street. The spwns change every 5 seconds, im not kidding, every 5 seconds you have to look behind you since they constantly swap spwn points due to the maps being midget size. Damage values make no sense, sometimes you will kill someone in 1-2 shots, other times a guy can tank 4 hits and walk away. The snipers seem to have insane no scope radius. Overall the game just feels fluffed up with a ww2 sticker on top of it, i mean hell they dont even have the nazi flag and they have black german solders..... lmao I guess i brings some nostalgia, but its a shell of a game from what it used to be, tiny old and frail shell of a game.
  9. CODWW2 beta public

    real dedi servers mod tools Recording feature for comp gameplay to help vs cheaters all i need for a good fps game, yet its so hard to get for some reason.
  10. Price Strategy

    yeah im waiting for the announcement too, hell i did not think that getting my hands on this game legally will be so damn difficult, i can only hope they will let more people get their hands on it soon.
  11. Rifle Balance

    i mean an actual sniper(a rifle with a scope on it) is much more accurate from distance, like when enemy players have to cross early on, almost spwn to spwn picks. Not only does it help your kill potential, but also scout potential since you can see more clearly how many players crossed and pass that count onto your team. Getting tiny hitbox kills where you can only see a tiny portion of your opponent a scope shines vs rifles iron sights. Just a few thoughts from my personal experience, and depending how quick you are able to scope in and how smooth it is(like in cod2/cod4) the actual sniper is very useful and still has decent mobility.
  12. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    yeah 64 might be a bit overkill, i was talking more about more 20 slot, or 32 slot. In cod4 i know 82ndAB had some huge server slot sizes for their tactical realism modded server, and that was super fun. Im just saying, the simple 5v5 gets boring quick, and those big servers are always fun for a bit and then u jump back to match making. They are also good for warm up since there is instant action.
  13. Price Strategy

    its fine, i mean csgo isnt much more expensive either, its all about how they market this game. There needs to be hype going on, and if its this close to release, im expecting opportunity to get my hands on it before the release in early 2018.
  14. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    i wonder if during early access of open beta we will have access to our own dedi servers so that we can participate in larger server sizes. Huge fan of battlefield server sizes, and really hate how small recent cod lobbies are. I believe they confirmed that it will cost $11, which is a great price point, and now im just waiting for them to start the hype machine going because i def want to see a lot more action on the forums and promotional stuff.
  15. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    I mean it couldnt of just been SnD cuz he said "or 6v6" and we know that obv we its going to be made for 5v5. I just think he meant what he said, their servers will be 12 slot on release and anything more we probably will have to purchase /customize ourselves