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  1. How many people bought the game?

    still waiting on them to open it up again for ppl to buy in, its been many months now since players were able to buy into any recent tests
  2. damn it now my keyboard is sticky
  3. Please don't over-design the maps

    Well, i think in this day and age you can achieve clean maps yet still have them looking good with a bit of art behind them. As long as there isnt flying debris and tired rolling thru roads and dust flying in the air we are fine, im fine with having trees and some cars for cover here and there. Most of these old school maps are just that, old school its why they are loved so much because everyone is used to them and something new is just that, something new which most times means bad to try to have to learn new things. I just hope the maps are good for SnD, and competitive, i dont want huge maps, and i sure as hell dont want trenches all over the place like the (alpha test map) which i know is most likely only for testing, but really, no trench maps please even if it is ww2. At the end of the day, if the game plays good and functions properly, im sure the maps will become normal to us and we will enjoy 80% of them, we all know in every game there are maps that people wont play on dedi servers/ they will be removed from rotation just like in cod2/cod4/counter strike, not to mention we can always make our own with mod tools provided, so to me the game itself is the most important, maps are easy part(IMO).
  4. CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    cod4 promod, golden days of cod With a bit of marketing and a skin/loot box system could had a cod csgo that is trucking to this day, but the idiot devs couldn't see pastthe 10 year old credit cards.
  5. Better hurry up!

    lol i dont think battalion is aiming to have "better graphics" then any game in particular, its aiming to be a good competitive shooter that takes us back to the good ole days where you actually had to aim along with getting proper PC support that we heavily lack today in majority of shooters. Also you seem to have done 0 research on this topic besides how long its been in alpha stages and seem to be confused what game you are actually waiting for.
  6. Cod ww2 Beta

    Whats good about it on console? And how would u know? They have no weapon balance, the damage system is a joke and the maps are among the worst in games history, what am i missing? Games not competitive on PC because there are no ways to make it competitive... The 13 year olds on console would enjoy a turd on a plate with an xbox controller attached on it so it doesn't tell me much. There is 0 hype behind cod's competitive scene and you would have to dig pretty deep to find it, no matter how hard activision tries to pretend its got one.
  7. Cod ww2 Beta

    exactly, being one of those competitive players that started with the cod franchise before it was even released on console im ashamed that all these new people have no idea what "competitive cod" even is, they just know the console version. Dedi servers are a bunch of bs ive heard for years, and even if they were in that still would not be enough to make this game competitive without mod tools and heavy modding that is required to their horrendous features that we would have to remove to make this game a proper shooter for competition. Console/current players need to youtube some cod2/cod4 videos for PC and u can see what competitive cod was in its glory days before consoles ruined it.
  8. Cod ww2 Beta

    Dedicated servers have been promised almost every year for the last 3-4 years.. Yet their definition of dedicated servers are P2P infested servers they provide to you that are horrible in every way. And cod has always been competitive on console, even though its horrendous to watch and the gameplay is autistic and off putting and its only done for hype and not actual skillful competition. For PC this game hasn't had a chance since cod4 and likely never will.
  9. Yes im sure there will be a way to earn some sort of points or tokens to purchase some boxes, or earn them randomly after matchmaking games which is their competitive platform. I doubt you will be able to earn anything on dedicated servers or anything else besides MM. Im also fully expecting to pay for them if there is a skin i want as its common sense, or atleast i would hope it would be. But yes i agree with you, it would be nice to have other form of currency to earn loot boxes, but since its all cosmetic thats the least of my worries for the game.
  10. so you want them to create content but not make money in return as well as have no economy for players who acquired those items to ever be able to sell them or trade them? There is a big different between micro-transactions and pay2win, if they make us boxes with skins in them, and its all cosmetics, you better be damn sure you are going to pay for it and probably have an option to purchase it with coins, but one would have a lot more hassle then the other. Im a realist, i know what to expect and i know what i would do if i was at the head of the dev team
  11. New map leaked?

    looks nice, but also looks really really big, i doubt all all of this is playable. Probably cant enter that big church.
  12. well it sounds like we wont play before January tbh just because he says "we're gonna make some noise" talking about January, so he couldn't really say that if say they gave us a beta right now, because a beta would be making some noise and early access would not be anything special in January if we already playing the game in the beta. So just from what he said and the way im understanding it, i guess they will stay dark until then but probably will give us a video confirming that and showing us what content we can expect, some sneak peaks. What im hoping for is for a closed beta/open beta and then early access, but its just hopes, as well as being able to purchase into a beta if its closed.
  13. CODWW2 beta public

    yup, last night it wasn't as big of an issue as it was today, im guessing these were just released because all day today i had to leave every other lobby because of ppl just aimbotting in a beta lmao... This kind of makes me wonder, what anti cheat is battalion looking at? if any? Punkbuster? I think pubg has a good one in battle eye, will it be vac from steam? Or is it still unknown?
  14. CODWW2 beta public

    pretty much spot on, im surprised he didnt mention the fall damage, its like way too stupid right now lol, you drop from the first step down and u take fall dmg for falling .1 of an inch. Already encountered multiple hackers as well and its only beta, yikes. I really honestly hope battalion will be the exact opposite in every way
  15. So was the announcement delayed or what?