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  1. 1 big map from ww2 era, so like some french towns like carentan and other parts of the maps we have now but on a bigger scale, brecourt can be a grassy/forest area, so you basically have a gigantic map of ww2 were instead of playing bunch of different maps separate, they are all tied into 1 large map, about the size of pubg's erangel map.100 man Battle royale. Basic guns all the defaults/bar/shotgun, mp40/as rare but still publicly available. M1/kar98 rifle as rare mid/long range. Crate weapons dropped from a ww2 bomber plane-kar98 scoped/springfield. Thompson/STG. Add few more weapons for variety. I dont think i have seen any ww2 BR games in production and i think it would be bad ass. Do you guys think it would be possible to modify something like that with mod tools? make a gigantic map with a bunch of the current maps added? Could dev's do that if they wanted to? How hard is it to tweak this engine from say 20v20 on a dedi to a 100 man BR game? The game runs at high FPS, im sure there is plenty of FPS to sacrifice to fit in more players/buildings/textures. How hard would that be from a dev stand point do you think? And is it a good idea? I know some of you(like me) are hard core SnD competitive shooter players, but im just thinking out loud here basically, since the whole BR craze is going on, could battalion get in on that if they wanted to? Would it be smart and would this type of design(ww2 era BR) be worth dev's time? I for sure think so, and boy would that create some hype.
  2. At this point if the devs are serious about this being their baby and actually spending resources working on updates for this game, i think the only way to recover is once you have fixed some of these mistakes you have to either pay a popular streamer to hype it up for like couple months straight, or host a gigantic tournament for a big big prize pool so that i can make the Esports news and get big orgs interested in which it kind of self generates its own hype at that point and creates interest, like 250K+, i think anything less wont do much for this game and is a waste of resources. Who knows if hosting something like that will bring all the players back, but i know i would play it and so would most of the people who are taking a break from this game with me would play it, the market doesnt really have anything to replace, we have a lot of BR clones coming out, out of all of them only 1 seems to be competitive(pubg) the rest are arcady joke of a game, so yeah, a nice game for Esports would be a breath of fresh air from the csgo/overwatch routine, but again, needs to have hype which in my eyes only money/prize pot can achieve at this point. The game has time and again, if the devs are serious about this, they can make things happen, especially if they have anything saved in terms of for future things, they should dump it into one big event instead of sprinkle it. Just my 2 cents.
  3. i agreed with your post on the first page, regardless what shroud is saying here, which i think hes wrong from start to finish in that segment. The problem was that who ever made this game plan, was clearly either careless or rushed, i dont know if thats because another company wanted to push it faster before it was ready or what, but there is no doubt that it was a poor decision to go so fast from a beta to EA. We had all these so called alpha testers...yet we somehow made it to beta with all those server and matchmaking issues. Then for what ever reason, a 2 day beta? really? No stress test, as if we had no server issues prior the beta... And then shortly after straight into EA..... Seems extremely rushed. And here is why i said shroud was wrong about what he said in that video. On the launch of EA, we had like 16k+ players playing the damn game.... those are amazing numbers for a game like this...we can even call it astronomical numbers....Yet because it was rushed, everyone of us experienced beyond ridiculous bugs and glitches and crashes and the que times were abnormal, i remember being in a que for 1 hour...Then on top of that, no comp mode, and blame who ever you want about the google server issues, then the vac bans on top of that? yup, that would kill the population pretty easily, hell it took about 2-4 weeks for majority of those issues to be fixed, but the stigma remains, the negative experience cannot be fixed as easily as a glitch or a bug can, and now we are stuck with negativity and questions. Sure the game is in much better place right now, even without the proper comp mode, but the trick will be getting players to come back that have purchased the game, and giving them a good positive experience, and with a year long EA plan, it remains to be seen if this game can be revived.
  4. HypeRNT

    Ironsight F2P

    damn, the game actually looks solid from fps stand point. I wonder how they are with mod tools and stuff like letting us customize what the best competitive setting will be, but the gameplay looks smooth.