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  1. Opinions of a former CoD4 Promod player

    Hey, it's so fun to search for some pixels moving in the sky at the beging of every rounds...
  2. New map leaked?

    Not really leaked, since it's the official twitter account of Battalion who posted it ^^ But it looks good.
  3. "The game is getting close to finished" don't men the game will be ready in the next few days, 3-4 month is actually pretty close (compared to the development time a game can take).
  4. Beta Release

    Have you an exemple of an older game with the same level of support of "today's game" (matchmaking using dedicated server, monthly patch, free DLC, competition support...) who don't have micro transaction (or paid DLC) and had a low entry price ? Just curious. And even if it's possible to survive without microtransaction, microtransaction allows games to survive with a smaller player base, which is a possibility that we can't excluded for Battalion.
  5. Simple map Poll

    Hard to say only by watching videos. The core of the map seems pretty decent, but some map portions around it look too much like ordinary corridors that don't really fit well into the map. My main concerne is that the other maps don't have the same level of work on their layouts, because there is much less feedback from the players on it for the moment (only internal testing).
  6. Beta Release

    Thanks for the links =) 3 other things that I found interesting : - Fast/double weapon switch to shorten the reload animation. - Possibility to save different configurations (with different color settings), and load them during the game via commands (bind ?). - Weaker rifles (don't remenber the names) have more grenades.
  7. Vehicles

    The 5v5 wasn't stated in the kickstarter, but it was clearly said that the game will focus on infantry combat.
  8. Vehicles

    Or like a ww2 cod4 promod.
  9. Gamescom 2017

    French review : https://www.gamekult.com/emission/stoon-vous-presente-battalion-1944-le-call-of-duty-version-inde-3050797853.html
  10. How Many Keys

    If you allow players to upload videos on Youtube (for example), this videos will still exist after the release. And because they're old they probably will have more views (at least at the beginning) than videos featured up-to-date gameplay, and will have lot of chance to be in the top of the Youtube searchs. And that, Bulkhead can't do anything about it, except prevent the videos that featured alpha version of the game to be upload in the first place.
  11. How Many Keys

    Another reason is that contents (videos, screenshots, reviews...) created during the alpha will be still available after the launch and could easily mislead players looking for informations.
  12. How Many Keys

    If we assume that the game does not come out until 2018, starting to communicate to the greatest number of people is not necessarily the best thing to do. Because, apart from players waiting for a spiritual sequel to Cod2 / Cod4 and who can wait 6 more months, the majority of players will move on before the game comes out (COD: WWII?). Hard truth
  13. How Many Keys

    Here's a good reason : http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/303633/With_LawBreakers_loose_Bleszinski_says_livestreaming_the_alpha_was_a_misstep.php
  14. Colored names in the scoreboard

    It's hard to do if the game uses the player's Steam names. And it makes it possible to make names totally unreadable.
  15. Price Strategy

    40€, or more, is way too expensive for a multiplayer game that has no established fan base (or a very large marketing budget). 20~25€ seems a good compromise between being attractive to new players, and being a barrier to cheaters.