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  1. Connard

    Player numbers back up?

    You will have to explain this if you want to be credible. Because apart from the economic system of Wartie and the crouch jump (which will be removed in the next update), there is no game mechanics in common between Battalion and CS:GO.
  2. Connard

    Battalion 1944 future.

    It can be one of the best and still have some flaws. Both are not incompatible. Even if they are not perfect and there are still improvements to be made, Battalion hit regs are more than correct for an early access game.
  3. In his tweet, Joe only questions himself about the results of a leak. In the way you quote it, the result he gives is an affirmation.
  4. The meaning is quite different between what you "quote" and the real sentence of Joe.
  5. Connard


    Fun fact: True random results tends to be perceived as falsified by many people ^^
  6. Connard

    Game's Dead guys..

    Just to be clear, strafejump have nothing to do with shooting, so the "accurate" is totally irrelevant.
  7. Connard

    Game's Dead guys..

    Cod2 and Cod4 had stafejump, and that is the reason why Battalion have strafejump.
  8. Connard

    Game's Dead guys..

    Why do you want the Strafejump to be removed ? Because, removing it will not change how the game is played.
  9. Connard

    Corner BUG

    Not a bug, just a perpective effect.
  10. Connard

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    This. I did the same test with a friend and there is clearly an issue with the netcode here. You can get killed before seeing the guy who actually kill you. And I think that's the main reason why jumpshot is OP in this game.
  11. Connard

    OTT Jumping

    Even today online games are not completely world wide, North Koreans don't have internet access (except for few exception) for example, or you can look at Battalion where some country block the connection from servers hosted by Google services. And in the 2000's it was certainly even worst. That don't make any difference, CS started as a mod. That's not an argument, I can point out that CS, MOHAA, Cod1/2 had much smaller communities than the online games of today...
  12. Connard

    OTT Jumping

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DWANGO Ok, i was wrong on the date, the online "mod" for Doom came up only in december 1994.
  13. Connard

    Game's Dead guys..

    Steam reviews are 59% positive, so I think it's rather you who is in the minority .
  14. Connard

    Weighing In - Staying Positive!

    It's called stamina and it's a design décision ^^
  15. Connard

    OTT Jumping

    So ? There were still people playing it, not a lot but still.