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  1. Colored names in the scoreboard

    It's hard to do if the game uses the player's Steam names. And it makes it possible to make names totally unreadable.
  2. Price Strategy

    40€, or more, is way too expensive for a multiplayer game that has no established fan base (or a very large marketing budget). 20~25€ seems a good compromise between being attractive to new players, and being a barrier to cheaters.
  3. Wallbang's

    CSGO's wallbangs are fine adjusted I find.
  4. Different nade types and throws?

    So there is no flash or incendiary ? (for now ?)
  5. Rifle Balance

    Some people seem to overestimate their skill. Just look at CS, the SSG-08 (Scout) can only one shot kill with an HS (and possibly in the torso if the guy one already took damage), and even at high level it's not much used (while it isn't expensive). Speaking of CS, do players complain about the AWP? No, because the economic system counterbalances the imbalance of weapons. So wait & see, how the economic system of Battalion will impact the balancing of weapons. There are quite a few other factors that are forgotten in this post: - The SMGs will also be able to one shot kill with a HS at short range (most certainly). - SMGs usually have greater mobility (in other games and i hope in Batallion too) allowing them to straf around corners more easily, making them harder to aim. - It is also necessary to see how strong the aim-punch will be in Battalion. And let's face it, a sniper that can only OS with HS, is not fun to play for 99% of the players. A game is made to be fun to play, whether it is competitive or not.
  6. Rifle Balance

    I don't think it's very important that the weapons are perfectly balanced (as long they don't break the game). If the economic system is well done, players will be forced to play with all weapons during a game, and having to choose when to use when to use more or less strong weapons can bring some strategic dimension.
  7. Battle Cry

    Having a Battle Cry hotkey like Chivalry
  8. Leaning side-to-side

    Leaning while moving was possible in COD2 and COD4, so there is no reason that it is not in Battalion
  9. Yeah, we want Promod !!! Just kidding =D
  10. Price Strategy

    https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/02/23/duelyst-free-to-play/ =)
  11. Price Strategy

    I just hope that it will not be a F2P, and that there will be no micro-transaction other than cosmetics.
  12. Game Client ?

    There is already a Steam page =) http://store.steampowered.com/app/489940/BATTALION_1944/
  13. What about the maps

    I wonder if it's legal to copy maps from another game, but if it is, it remains very questionable. Personally I don't think it's a good idea, having his own cards will allow the game to have its own identity, and not to be just a clone or a rip off.
  14. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    You assume that the cooked grenade will inevitably kill everyone 10 meters around. But if the grenade becomes lethal below 50 cm from someone (for example), you'll start wondering where you want your grenade to land inside the room, and how to achieve that (where to position yourself, where the grenade can bounce...).The launch will require more precision, and some knowledge of the map too. You could also use the grenade to inflict some damage to someone before committing a fight, or kill an opponent who is hiding while waiting for auto-regen (which you can kill at a furthest distance from the grenade) . It could leaves more room for improvisation than a normal grenade.
  15. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    Most people don't like it because it's OP in most of the game, but it's actually something fun to play with. And it could worth the try to make a balance cooked grenade to see how it fit. Rainbow 6 Siege have cooked grenade, they aren't OP, there is competition on this game, and nobody complain.