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    Movement / Hitbox

    Yo, The game so far is nice to play. I dont even want to talk about bugs and shit cuz its normal in EA and the devs already working on it. Well, I dont want to complain or probably its a Problem of my Nerd fingers... LOL - I dont like the Toggle run, it feels like the Movement is clumpy/clunky... When u dont have "RUN" on Toggle u cant Jump/strafe like in cod uo / 4. I personally use "RUN/SPRINT" on leftalt and there is no response on the Spacebar while running. (#IKNOWTHISISNOTCOD4) Would be nicer to make it possible to run while its not on toggle and jump while ur in sprint in this function. - Topic Hitbox: The Hitbox is nice, but I think its a bit Overpowerd. U hit nearly every shot with the kar even with Hipfire or quickscope. Its 2ez atm... U can do nice shots with that, but its hard for the comp. game i think. I mean even noobs can hit everything. I miss the skillbase on that gun atm Just want some feedback here even from other players. What are ur thoughts ? Greetz
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    Yo, im opfii1ee. Known from Cod1 / UO / 2 and Cod 4. Played the "Classic" Cod games since the release. Was the Captain of Team Germany in 2014-2015 (ye i still played that game in these days) Playd cod 4 for the team iQuu gaming and icon. Just played CB like +1700 points. Already saw some dudes from the older days and im happy to be a part of this community. See u soon on the servers Greetz