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  1. Semperfiii

    Hi soldiers ! Veteran here...

    LoL... Legend i could be like an historian or a living museum of video games ! Legend but too old to be good enough now for high level competition... Priorities have changed... now it's principaly for fun ! I didn't played the earlier AA, my first one was the "Proving Grounds".
  2. Semperfiii

    Humble Bundle backer and the First to Fight Edition

    How you know that ? And how will i be able to upgrade the game ? On steam ? In game directly ? ...
  3. Hi, Being a Humble Bundle backer, i want to know if i can purchase the Battalion 1944 First To Fight Edition ? If yes, what prices will it cost and how many war chests will i get ? The Humble Bundle backer reward is 3 war chests. Does it means if i buy the FTF Edition that i will have 5 + 3 war chests ? Can you either describe how to purchase and update to the FTF Edition pls ? Thks for your time.
  4. Semperfiii

    Hi soldiers ! Veteran here...

    Not mutch to say, just wanna wish you a happy year with this very expected game ! To introduce myself quickly, i can say that i'm an experienced player of FPS games (i'm 36). I play FPS games for more than 20 years : - Wolfenstein 3d (1996) - Duke nukem 3d (1996) - Quake (1996-1997) - Quake 2 (1997-1998) - Half Life (1998 -1999) - Counter Strike (1999-2003) - vietcong game (2003-2005), - Call of Duty 2 (2005-2007), - Call of Duty 4 : modern warfare (2007-2009), - Call of Duty 6 : modern warfare 2 (2009) - Call of Duty 7 : black ops (2010) - World Of Warcraft (2010-2013) - little FPS pause... - Alliance of Valiant arms (2013-2016) - Armericas Army : Proving Grounds (2015-2016) I'm a French player, living near Marseille. My nicknames were: Fx_3ff3cts for a very long time and then SemperFi for quite the rest of the time until now. My main teams were: KoD | Kill or Die on counter, vietcong, cod2/4/6 (i was the leader), Kothic & Solearis on AvA. I'm looking forward to a new fps with approximately the same gameplay there was with vietcong or cod 2. I really hope this will be Batallion 1944 ! I'm in the alpha access but i didn't played this week end because i was away from my computer !!! Hope to see u in game shortly "Semper Fidelis soldiers"