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  1. dodged


    Ofcourse the game needs some tweaking still and it isnt perfect but we have came a long way since Alpha 0.1 and i just hope they dont change their mind on things because some kids cant handle this type of game and are mad they are getting destroyed and complain about it on Twitter/Reddit.
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  3. dodged

    What antivirus

    Avast masterrace
  4. dodged

    Which maps do you want?

    alright calm down buddy, Dawnville > Burgundy > Carentan
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    wrong type of game buddy
  6. I expect news today, last week phantasy said on hes stream he thought they would do a announcement "next week"
  7. dodged

    EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    You can add back whatever bug you like it's your game after all. It was just a big thing back in the COD2 days and as soon as i mentioned this game to people that were really in to COD2 it's always one of the first thing they ask if thats in. I can even remember a post by @vozER where he said people with a COD2 background where complaining about it on the first LAN you guys showed off battalion. found it: "what I heard people complaining about was that you couldn't really do reloading jumps (personally, I don't mind, but many CoD2 players did mind)." in the end of the day it's your choose but i think it would be a great addition to this game. Also it played a big part in why people loved the kar98k so much in CoD2 and it also gives you the feeling you got full control over your character at all times and it highers the skill ceiling thats what you want in a super competitve shooter right? "that fast paced one to one movement action gameplay" there was nothing more satisfying than hitting that reload jump shot on the Burgundy cross, the good old days. And if it's impossible to recreate in unreal engine, or if you guys dont have the knowledge for it it's also completely fine. I just hope you guys give it a second thought. dodged
  8. dodged

    EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    I'm pretty sure they were only talking about the S&D competitive side of the game.
  9. dodged

    EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Funny how they mention adding "bugs" back in to the game for that oldschool feel but they won't add reload jump shots (CoD2) cus it was considered a bug?? It was one of the most fun bugs in gaming history imo and really gave CoD2 it's charms especially with the Kar98K.
  10. dodged

    Beta Release

    The fact that you mention Pansy as a positive thing for this game makes me even more worried
  11. dodged

    Beta Release

    I agree with you, when i backed the Alpha (65 euro) i expected to be able to play the alpha/game all the time maybe not online but atleast in offline/LAN mode, even BigTuneAlex thought we could but the changed their minds last minute for some reason (security i believe). It was a disappointment but atleast i thought we could play every weekend, but that changed to one weekend each month and only from 18:00 - 04:00 for only 2 days (which is way too short imo) And after 3 months and 3 alpha's we hear nothing from the devs about the next alpha weekend and we find out from a sketchy twitch interview we will probably wont be able to play the game for a long time? I know every negative post here towards the devs are being downvoted by white knights, but i cant hide the fact that i feel kinda dissapointed about the whole thing.
  12. Lawbreakers was so bad not even a big streamer could help them sell their game.
  13. I have to say servers are almost dead after 01:00 AM there are like 1 or 2 servers with people on them, so they need to give people a chance to buy into the alpha imo.
  14. Twitch, get a big streamer like Lirik or Summit to play the game and people will follow.