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  1. B44Tracker.com

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    I think battalion, they do not care, they won their money, and now they leave the players in the shit. They did not advertise on google for example for their game Personally I buy two games for two different pc, and I really regret it. this game should finish like tf2, free!
  2. B44Tracker.com

    B44Tracker.com Server Tracker

    Hello, I came to present a project that I created for battalion servers http://b44tracker.com You have the possibility to generate banners with the information of your server (E.G http://b44tracker.com/banners/ ) I let you discover the other options, if you have a problem contact me
  3. B44Tracker.com

    Can't connect to my server (linux)

    still no response from dev for this error STEAMPS3 - AsncTCPSocket destroyed
  4. B44Tracker.com

    Dedicated servers - Mega thread

    The linux server, does not work if you have multiple IPfailover, after several tests to find the problem of the error timeout steam, I deleted all my IP except the ip master, and it works.
  5. B44Tracker.com

    Can't connect to my server (linux)

    Yes I understand, I have my CoD4 on several different IP, and it suits me no, i had to install on a kvm, but this is not a solution.
  6. B44Tracker.com

    Can't connect to my server (linux)

    After deleted all my ipfailover is working, only one IP on dedicated and server working fine
  7. B44Tracker.com

    Can't connect to my server (linux)

    @[CM] BigTuna any update for this? all ppl have the same.
  8. B44Tracker.com

    Can't connect to my server (linux)

    thx for you reply it's already done, even with the new ones, we have the same mistake STEAMPS3 - AsncTCPSocket destroyed STEAMPS3 - AsyncTCPSocket created STEAMPS3 - AsncTCPSocket destroyed and server crash
  9. B44Tracker.com

    Can't connect to my server (linux)

    @[CM] BigTuna any fix for this?
  10. B44Tracker.com

    Dedicated server install linux

    Get the server installation script from the official website: 1 : cd /home/battalion/ 2 : wget https://storage.googleapis.com/battalion_public/BattalionLinuxServer_10820.zip 3 : unzip BattalionLinuxServer_10820.zip (beware you need unzip to install on your server. (sudo apt-get install unzip) 4 : chmod -R 755 /home/battalion/LinuxServer/Battalion/Binaries/Linux/ 5 : You find the configuration files in this folder /home/battalion/LinuxServer/DefaultGame.ini all the configuration of your game server, gametype, map ect ... 6 : chmod 777 /home/battalion/LinuxServer/Run.sh and forget it is necessary to adapt the config in this file, the ip of your server for example 7 : Run the file (Run.sh) ./home/battalion/LinuxServer/Run.sh
  11. B44Tracker.com

    Greetings from <82ndAB>

    I have always known your team, even on cod1 more than 10 years ago. and I often played on your cod4 servers with custom maps. Very good team, welcome.
  12. this post can be really interesting, did you test with the new version? Downloading Updated 03/02/2018 Current Version: 10820
  13. B44Tracker.com

    Dedicated servers - Mega thread

    this is not true, they are hosted on the same machine as my cod4. and only 25% are used
  14. B44Tracker.com

    Dedicated servers - Mega thread

    same i host cod4 servers and the ping is good, but on battalion i have +80 on the same machine and same IP...
  15. B44Tracker.com

    Can't connect to my server (linux)

    CreateBoundSocket: ::bind couldn't find an open port between 7780 and 7780 Server alardy open?