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  1. Well well i be dusting off my mouse mat and keyboard for this one, looks and sounds promising. played some comp back in the day for vae,vye. see ya'll in game once EA arrives, GL to you devs also
  2. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    So never been a fan of one shot kills enless it's a headshot, just curious on other peoples thoughts on this, I feel it requires to little skill to kill people with one body shot. it's just instagib i'd prefer a more skilled rifle to use and i feel it would balance the game a little better, rather than a server full of people playing sniper/rifle cause it's so easy to kill people with
  3. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    I agree they do seem like a great dev team, I'm a competitive player and don't spend much time on public servers but it's vital that the public version of the game is balanced and fun to, this will be where new players start before they delve in to competition, when people can do with a control pad what is displayed in the video below then it's just a cake walk for any high skilled player at any range to get kills with a long range weapon and in my opinion way to strong. but it's early days and there's much more to come and i have faith!
  4. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    Aye that is a good point I never took into account other rifles or there DMG since I only watched one video, I still feel the hit area for one shot is to big from what I seen in that first video my main concern is that having such a powerful gun could divide the community due to so many people wanting to use it, all I hope for is a higher skill gap for sniping and decent balance.
  5. Jeebs

    Greetings, I am phantasy, QA & jr CM on Battalion

    Awesome, my team joined the cod4 scene late and some of your videos where very helpful to us! Good Luck at Bulkhead
  6. Jeebs

    How did you found your nickname?

    My Friends many years ago said i looked like Jack Jeebs from the film MiB and it stuck
  7. Aye seen this a while ago looks very insteresting, Not a big fan of moba style gameplay in FPS games though this still looks like alot of FUN, i'll be giving it a go
  8. Currently Glued to Quake Champions, i also dabble in wow pubg and rocket league. Can Sign for Quake Champions Beta Here Add me for some duels!
  9. Wow this dude had some condescending replys to his post and even though i don't agree with his replys i understand them, and everyone jumping on him is just bad for any community, Ya'll need to chillax!
  10. Not yet but maybe there will be....
  11. Jeebs

    Call Of Duty (2017)

    If the pc port is half decent this game could be amazing for a month or two until they stop supporting the game to work on the next cod "Call of Duty Cave Warfare" i'll give it a look, but my monies on Destiny 2 and Battalion 1944.
  12. Jeebs

    General Suggestions - CoD2 Vet

    I agree with most of what you said, unfortunately many people prefer instagib rifles and counter strike grenades Let's hope they limit the over powered guns or it will just be a rifle fest!
  13. Jeebs

    old school mode

    Quake champions will be out soon, if you like these types of games take a look into it it's looking pretty awesome so far
  14. Jeebs

    Let's discuss about maps

    I'd like to see a good old school beach invasion style map
  15. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    Not perfect in my opinion, but if you guys are happy to have this sort of thing in battalion cool....
  16. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    oh that's good to know awesome
  17. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    In my opinion yes, but i come from games where this is the norm.
  18. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    So 2 players with equal reactions and aim, one players has to fire 1 bullet the other 2/3 the guy shooting one shot is going to win 9/10 fights, making the 1 shot mechanic headshot only would help balance this out. aye cover can be used to avoid getting sniped but once the smoke is gone vs a good scope you are pinned behind cover pretty much. plus it could reduce people flying around no scoping smgs at close range, at the end of the day everything could change i've only seen 15 mins of pre-alpha footage.
  19. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    To be fair a SMG has 0 chance Vs sniper at range why should a sniper have such a big chance at close range they can just use a pistol or hit a headshot if they are good. Appreciate your opinion though thanks for replying ?
  20. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    Haha yes can't blame them most of them grew up with these crazy leg shot kills, I'm all for taking the good from call of duty but would be a good chance to leave what's bad. Would be nice to see Enemy territory style rifles.
  21. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    Would depend on the recoil and fire rate of the rifles from what I see in the gameplay video, looks very op as are most sniper/rifles in games these days. I just think it would be good to have a more challenging sniping experience not only for competitive but for casual players to who like running around a pub server as SMG only to face a horde of snipers ?
  22. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    Aye that's good point some games have horrible reg, I'd be happy with shoulder upwards I guess if that's even possible ?
  23. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    Aye it also removes the point of Headshots as sniper why even try aiming for the head :/, if it don't change we will only see 1000s of youtube videos of 360 noscopes off buildings. either way i'll still play the game. appreciate feedback i find it interesting that so many people think it's fine for snipers to be the way they are across many current games.
  24. Jeebs

    Rifle Balance

    Aye most of my experience comes from faster paced games where movement is paramount. Just from what I've seen from vids (missed alpha buss ) I feel the game would benefit from a higher skill required for sniping.
  25. Jeebs

    Round based Infiltration

    Attacking team spwans by helecopter while defending team spawns close to the objective location (some building or ruins of) Attacking team must Secure the enigma code machine and retreat with it to there extraction point(the helicopter)