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  1. HarryG

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    +1 not only bags but heavily scapegoats them for the issues in the past 3 weeks..
  2. HarryG

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    i agree thats why all i do is scrim in this game with my team as there is no working mm and mm is the reason why casual players join the game. csgo is 99%casual and those guys play there silver matches 2 times a weekend
  3. HarryG

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    not what i was suggesting but lets continue to circle jerk bad behavior from devs.... this is how we kill a game i care very much for and all im doing is saying that they need to handle criticism better and understand why people are mad at a game that cant even function in its current state. Is it bad that google fucked up on a small business... yes absolutely.. is it right to make comments like this fuck no especially when the game is held together by competitive players on their own scrim servers. the game has not worked properly since launch and drove away 15000+ people who had the game on launch. That not acceptable and if you dont agree with me even slightly then you have no objective opinion on what the game needs and how i needs to be run. Keep in mind i want to go pro in this game ffs i quit my cs team i drop 4 hours a night after work into this game until i can quit work with a game salary and spend 10hours a day. All i expect in return is some restraint and positive marketing to grow the game as well as a functional product neither of which seem to be happening in its current state. I want to see this game succeed and they certainly have the right ideas but outbursts and shit like this cant be jerked off by some loyal fans who cant accept any criticism of the game. For example if i say they should have released the game 1-3 months from now and not on feb 1 10 dislikes will come my way from people who dont have any understanding of the industry. Games have only a few chances to grab serious market share.... and battalion blew the first one the past few weeks. this game had hundreds of thousands of viewers on twitch (during the cs fucking major like wtf...) now has 1-2k players that is a piss poor retention rate... why you ask? because people tune into shoud, summits streams and the game cant mm in beta and plays only one map when you wait 1 hour for a game. 3 Weeks later and its the same story... just fix the game dont blame google in such a rude fashion on your personal twitter when the games already losing players.. for the next year this game needs positive publicity to even hope to have a large community and tonight was one gross step backwards, Down vote me if you want but make a decent counter argument.... not a circle jerk
  4. a free weekend for a 15 dollar game.... really they cant even provide mm for 1500 concurrent players so i dont think we are getting one of those for a very long time if you want to try the game buy it for 1.9 hours then refund its steam you can do that thus you can play 4 matches at least in un-ranked to get the feel of it.
  5. HarryG

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    Lets ruin the image of my company and game and ruin professional businesses relationships while watching Netflix...nice
  6. HarryG

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    acceptable while being spicy enough towards google ... rude and amateur you cant defend that as the head of any size of company period you cant defend that....
  7. HarryG

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    burning bridges with one of the biggest and most powerful companys in the world is great for future relationships .... he acts like google is the sole issue with the mm servers this is why i bought a scrim server its the only way to have fun in the game seeing as pub mm is fucked and now comp aswell Some one just needs to tell joe to take a break from tweeting about battalion bugs and issues he cant handle the banter man... whoever runs the battalion 1944 twitter does and ok enough job but his personal tweets negate any good pr... https://twitter.com/Battalion1944
  8. HarryG

    Joe Brammer needs a Pr guy....

    i just think this could have been handled in an official tweet (not from joe himself) addressing the issue and @google in the tweet so it can be resolved i realize that is Joe's personality and its good for certain things like hyping up shit but when these kinds of fuck this company type tweets come out they are straight disrespectful and could be handled better if given a peer review by anyone with pr experience. Joe must realize hes the face of this game and needs to be more careful that is all im saying
  9. How is this a good way to respond to criticism please joe i love your game but just go for a walk or something before you go full Donald trump on twitter.... its not a good look for new people looking to buy the game Just saying this situation could be handled way better than a 20 min twitter rant blaming others a simple post saying why the servers are fucked and when they will be live (estimate) would be a simple professional way of dealing with this...
  10. HarryG

    Competitive Goes Live

    see yall in diamond
  11. HarryG

    manor house v1 better than v2

    why is there 2 of these threads... mods plz fix
  12. v2 is slow with to many long angle mids and way to much crouch walking this is what you can do in v1 way better than any other map
  13. HarryG

    crouch jumping

    its not cheating double binding the same keys is allowed in the config not the menu bind screen but other than that its not cut out of the config and is a default ue engine feature. also you can accomplish the same thing with bind scrips but that is more sketch than something supported in a config file
  14. HarryG

    crouch jumping

    Easiest way is in the config bind jump and hold crouch to a same secondary key i used thumbmousebutton then all ya have to do is press that one key and its golden. pro tip to reset sprint press that key as crouch jumping resets the delay in sprint if timed correctly to time correctly press sprint count to 3 in your head jump crouch then repeat process takes some time to get right but will give you better angles faster