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  1. i just hope they addressed the weird fps drops since last patch, which makes the game unplayable for some ppl. before week 1 update i could set my game to full hd and ultra settings and still have perfect stable 200 fps. now they drop hard, no matter what i set. i turned it to 640x480 res, all low and still got mega drops down to 30-80 fps. its an absolute joke right now and according to a reddit post there are alot of others having the same issue. its super frustrating to have a high end pc and not being able to play/scrim anymore.
  2. n4w

    Mouse Acceleration

    sens is perfectly fine for me. no accel at all
  3. Anyone figured out yet the exact viewmodel values to make it as close to cod2 as possible?
  4. n4w


    cod1 had heavy recoil compared to cod2/cod4/b44 and the skillgap between pros and normal players was bigger than in any of the titles. if you have heavy (but controllable/learnable) recoil, good players will outaim noobs in every situation. The Mp44 in cod1 for example had sick recoil but with enough muscle memory you could completely master it. Has nothing to do with RNG imo. The feeling to land a perfect spray in a hot situation with a hard-to-control weapon is also more rewarding because you have to be good at flicking AND spraycontrol, not just the first one. though i mean this in general. i think in battalion the high recoil as in cod1 wouldnt really work.
  5. n4w

    Scoreboard buildup time

    i would also like better visibility on the top of the screen, where you can see how many people are still alive. Currently the avatars of dead players just get greyed out what makes it hard to notice in the heat of a moment. Would be easy to fix by fully blanking out the avatars of dead players.
  6. n4w


    1680x1050, AA medium, rest low. resolution scale 100. can see everything perfectly fine.
  7. i also think colors gave a certain atmosphere in those old shooters. the way it was implemented in cod2 wasnt distracting at all. @vanr6 has a good point. would be cool to have atleast colored clantags
  8. the steam store link in the vid description leads to nowhere. weird music choice but im hyped