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  1. bRENNN ^_^

    still looking
  2. [EU] ROTP +2

    added u mate
  3. bRENNN ^_^

    bump - still looking
  4. Copyright issues?

    just gotta make sure you change some bits on it so it's not an exact clone
  5. Battalion Wallpaper

    nice man i like em
  6. Some changes for me.

    healthbar is a terrible idea You quote a game this is the exact opposite, damn realism plebs
  7. LFT 28y played cod since cod1 all the way through to cod4 , CS GO Global, ESEA A, can play most weeknights and weekends. Add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/bp2110/ , or DM on discord TA.
  8. Learning curve & skill gap discussion

    Just wait until you play and get rekt
  9. Competitive map picker

    I don’t know if this is a thing already, but is there going to be an option to choose what maps you want to play in competitive abit like in cs?
  10. im sure if you provide proof of purchase the dev's will sort you out
  11. The scary update is probably going to be that there is no more alpha testing until next year or something i reckon