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  1. LaBMoNkEY

    What kind of mods would you like to see in Battalion 1944?

    This may not be very well received by a few, but we've been discussing mods for this game for some time in our own community. We've seen alot of interest for an instagib spinoff. This game plays very fast, much like old school quake and ut with it's movement. As such, we'd like to take the kar98, disable ADS, set no recoil and spread to 0, change the bullet trajectory to a team-based trail color, and play CTF with an 'instagib' kar98. We'd also likely enable dodge jump and multi dodge to add in a bit of chaos. As soon as they offer up a build, we will probably have a server up like this almost immediately. We'll probably have some corny story to back it up along the lines of 'secret nazi WW2 experiments'. heh
  2. LaBMoNkEY

    Any idea on build release?

    Evening gents. Just finished up a fantastic first day of Alpha, great work so far. My group and I have done a decent amount of unreal modding in UT and such, and are obviously itching to get our hands on a build to start creating some game modes. Now of course, I know we are likely a LONG way away from that being a reality, but I'm curious as to what the plans are, and when we might be able to spin up a server with custom content redirects and mutators. Thanks! -Lab