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  1. MEMORY fix?

    how u guys thinkg playing a game at 2018, with only 4 gb memory? it's crazy, cmon!
  2. Image and mouse issues

    it's a UE4 issue: - Nvidia Pannel - Change resolution - Bottom of the screen, select NVIDIA COLOR SETTING - Enjoy game
  3. WASUP!!

    welcome @Ouch Quit It
  4. Hello battalion gamers!

  5. Can't we Pre order before release?

    don't know merlin, my friend downloaded it last saturday, and it was about 5.5 GB
  6. Can't we Pre order before release?

    GAME ACTUALLY IS 5.4 gbyte, not 11
  7. Damn nostalgia

    welcome aboard @Wheeee u will love this game! a cod2 player
  8. Never thought i'd see the day

  9. Hey

    welcome aboard @Blockkyy
  10. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    welcome aboard
  11. Hi to everyone!

    welcome man!
  12. i think there will be, closed beta first, open beta later, and finally EA. Hovewer, game look fantastic, can't wait for tomorrow @ alpha 0.7
  13. open beta or closed?
  14. What about "lean on" while walking?

    wtf... this shit, cmon guys!
  15. Need Help

    mmm.... ok don't understand.