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  1. MkKoY


    u're welcome, my friend.
  2. MkKoY

    Minor FPS Drops since MU2

    ur welcome, my friend.
  3. MkKoY

    Game is running on wrong monitor.

    u can try to set it modifying config
  4. MkKoY

    Minor FPS Drops since MU2

    if forward render is on enabled, u re using the OLD engine. try on disabled, to use new engine, could be better. Texture streaming on enabled, usually used for old pc, this not ur case, so u can try on Disabled. This help for texure loading, and maybe no more fps drops. also, u can try resolution scale at 80%/90% for example. Let me know. cheers, MkKoY
  5. MkKoY

    Battalion has Crashed error

    exatly, last week was a very great experience, game was much better thatn first realese, and i think today will be better again. So guys, cmon.
  6. MkKoY

    Battalion has Crashed error

    you are truly incredible. But have you ever bought a support ticket, which covers the time during which you play BT44? Do the devs have to be ready for you that you have problems? What the fuck are you talking about? If you have problems you have discord, reddit, facebook for answers. If devs don't respond, maybe they don't know how u can fix ur problem, maybe? wait for solutions, and stop tlking about refund or shit like this. The game is under EA, is that too diffucult to understand?
  7. to late for what? I think the current state of the game, it should have been the one in February. it was a devs mistake, imho. but again, it's no too late. Game still is in EA, under development. So guys, keep devs work, i m sure that game will be a GREAT game.
  8. the problem is.... WHEN? WHEN ? WHEN?
  9. MkKoY

    game crashes at startup

    have u got update graphics card drivers?
  10. MkKoY

    game crashes at startup

    try to: open ur config file. and set enabled the "texture streaming" option. let me know.
  11. yes, in june they relased a "Beta Test Zone" by new codes, later thet will push update in the game!
  12. MkKoY

    MEMORY fix?

    how u guys thinkg playing a game at 2018, with only 4 gb memory? it's crazy, cmon!
  13. MkKoY

    Image and mouse issues

    it's a UE4 issue: - Nvidia Pannel - Change resolution - Bottom of the screen, select NVIDIA COLOR SETTING - Enjoy game
  14. MkKoY


    welcome @Ouch Quit It
  15. MkKoY

    Hello battalion gamers!