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  1. Rambo1942

    Dates for next Alpha testing?

    thank you for the info, greatly appreciated.
  2. I know I saw it in a kickstarter email somewhere...but alas it was deleted. Do we have a date for the next closed alpha testing? Thanks for any info
  3. Rambo1942

    Day of the Alpha

    Mine was in my gmail Promotions folder fyi.
  4. Rambo1942

    Day of the Alpha

    for anyone having a hard time with the time conversion (pun intended) found this great site that'll help you figure it out: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/bst-to-est-converter
  5. Rambo1942

    Day of the Alpha

    can't wait. anyone know what time the download will start for the closed alpha and how big the file will be? I'm on crappy copper wire dsl and depending on download start time I might leave my computer on and keep an eye on it with teamviewer