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  1. Looks sick, nice job! Wouldn't mind to see this instead of the UI we have now.
  2. Syren

    Hello Peoples (Jeebs cod4,etqw,wolf)

    Welcome! Your name sounds familiar.
  3. Syren

    Hi all. I'm frankly

  4. Syren

    Hello, i am miRACLE

    Since when is 25 old, I guess I'm getting old as well then Anyway, welcome!
  5. Syren

    hi my name is machine

    hi, welcome! Lets hope you'll be better at battalion than cod4
  6. Syren

    Hi all!

    Hello everyone! Seems like the right time to introduce myself with the alpha starting tomorrow... I'm Syren, from The Netherlands. I used to play cod1 and cod4 competitively and am now playing cs on and off, but it's not really my type of game. I hope Battalion can be my next "main" game!
  7. Syren

    Hi, I am FrosteR

    Hey, I think I played some cod4 mixes with you back in the day. Nice to see you here!