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    You should wonder why that is. Tip: It is the same reason that from 160K buyers less than 3K actively play this game. What is the reason of its low popularity? Is what Bram says, no marketing and launch problems? The way I see it, 160K is a very good number, but the retention is terrible and that is the real problem. Most bugs were fixed, game plays well, but people haven't returned. Why? Because they are slow or old?
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    Common sense is to understand that a game depending almost exclusively on skills that cannot be trained is bound to lose its playerbase. Nobody plays a game that trying makes you only slightly better, as trainable skills don't really matter. Your above statement about slow players proves that.
  3. I am not playing anymore because out of 15 people in my clan that bought the game (of whom none is a casual gamer), nobody plays the game any more because they don't like it.
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    Skill does not only include mechanical skill. I really wonder who, that had some CoD history needs more than 100h to reach their ceiling in this game.