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  1. In-game recorder

    @Cookiebot Theatre Mode?
  2. Idea for some sort of an Eco-System

    I think this is an interesting idea, but I am afraid it would make the default class OP in terms of economy.
  3. Scope gameplay not be fine

    I think macros like these are easily detected if the anticheat records keystrokes with timetable.
  4. bunny hopping/ instant kills

    I think jumping is a bit overused now. Unless I am mistaken, if caught running by an opponent you can fire faster if you jump than waiting for the sprint animation to stop. That is just an example. Of course it should be used to surprise an opponent, but right now it is the way to go in 100% of CQB firefights. My previous experience is only with CoD4 promod and I don't remember it being used so much.
  5. Hi all, HEAT e-sports is looking for Greek (or natively Greek speaking) players to join our team. We are mainly a Battlefield team, but when given the opportunity in CoD4, starting from zero, we managed to become a well respected Greek team. For players that want to become better in an organized environment, with the help of experienced competitive players, you can join us here.