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  1. dfk_7677


    You should wonder why that is. Tip: It is the same reason that from 160K buyers less than 3K actively play this game. What is the reason of its low popularity? Is what Bram says, no marketing and launch problems? The way I see it, 160K is a very good number, but the retention is terrible and that is the real problem. Most bugs were fixed, game plays well, but people haven't returned. Why? Because they are slow or old?
  2. dfk_7677


    Common sense is to understand that a game depending almost exclusively on skills that cannot be trained is bound to lose its playerbase. Nobody plays a game that trying makes you only slightly better, as trainable skills don't really matter. Your above statement about slow players proves that.
  3. I am not playing anymore because out of 15 people in my clan that bought the game (of whom none is a casual gamer), nobody plays the game any more because they don't like it.
  4. dfk_7677


    Skill does not only include mechanical skill. I really wonder who, that had some CoD history needs more than 100h to reach their ceiling in this game.
  5. It has been mentioned by the devs that the current height is there so you can jump on things. So, unless you get to jump on much fewer things, it is not going to be lower. @SirBob I disagree with you on the matter of TtK. Higher TtK will mean that moving around fast will escape people having better positioning and/or firing faster. If you have a fast movement game, like this one you have to have a low TtK, or you will promote headless chickens, which was very apparent in BF1. In my opinion the problem lies elsewhere. I know that the devs want this game to be skill-based and I love this about it. I expect to lose most fights by better players and win over worse ones. But reflex is more emphasized that it should and is currently much more important than positioning or other game skills. Note here that reflex is not something you can improve, unlike aiming, positioning, game awareness and map knowledge, so if the skill in a game relies too much on reflex it means that every player's skill ceiling is mostly set in stone. A lot of times I feel that catching the opponent with their pants down (like running while I await them) doesn't really matter if they have better reflexes as they will go prone or jump before I get my third bullet with default/MG and I will die before I have time to react, re-aim and get one more bullet on target.
  6. dfk_7677

    Game's Dead guys..

    People following the forums and wanting the game to be good has a big difference with people actually liking the game. I think we all should be worried about the active players number decline.
  7. dfk_7677

    some subtle changes... (ideas)

    Most used hitboxes in UE4 are "capsules", cylinders with a hemisphere on each end.
  8. dfk_7677

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    Great feedback @sh0tyz! I especially like the weapon balance you propose, as I think it is very essential to a good gameplay.
  9. dfk_7677

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    Thing is I didn't notice high delay between firing and the registration of the kill, I think it was 3-4 frames (50-66ms). I haven't noticed much delay or off hitboxes during regular movement (running, walking) either. I think it is specific to jumping. But we should wait for battlenonsense
  10. dfk_7677

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    Did some tests with a friend in a server. It seems that the one appearing from the corner jumpshooting (I guess this happens with simple strafing too) has an advantage of ~200ms. Counting from the frame that both parties see each other, death registers in ~100ms (attacker still in the air), kill registers in ~300ms (attacker has landed). Pings of players were mostly the same 50-60ms. This is a huge advantage for the attacker and why at the moment strafejumpshooting is OP. Nobody can 'git gud' enough to face a 200ms advantage.
  11. dfk_7677

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    I played promod in med to med+ level and jumpshots were used only in specific occasions. Now players of all skills, that have some experience 20h+ in the game already know that jumping and shooting is the best way to go in most gunfights not only around corners.
  12. dfk_7677

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    I think CS has a wide skill gap and its player base contains all skill levels. I don't think the developers want this game only for pros, they just want the skill gap to be obvious and not water down the player base. "Easy to play, hard to master" is their intention and I don't believe it is not in terms with having a casual player base too. I just don't think the 'jumping issue' is contributing to hard to master part of the equation right now.
  13. dfk_7677

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    It is true that when facing an equally skilled opponent your best bet is to jump around the corner first. I don't think it is the TtK though and surely it wasn't an issue in CoD4 (and previous afaik, I haven't played them). Of course that doesn't mean that this game should be like previous CoDs (or not be for that matter). Still nobody can deny that that there this is a gameplay problem for most players. What I personally find annoying is that when someone is caught running (which should normally be a disadvantage as you cannot fire as quickly, you have to wait to stop first), they just press space and suddenly they can fire and they are more difficult to hit. Maybe the problem with it right now is that it gives an big advantage to better reflexes (time between player appearing on screen to first reaction - mouse movement). Surely better reflexes should be awarded in an FPS game, but unfortunately you cannot 'git good' in reflexes. You can improve you mouse turning time or your accuracy but not your reaction time. It would be interesting to see if the jumper gets a big 'reflex' advantage because of current netcode too.