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  1. Greetings all,

    Some of you here will already be aware of my existence but for those who are not familiar with me I shall introduce myself.

    I'm the new recruit at bulkhead studios working on QA and jr community manager roles, I was recently hired due to my experience in the FPS scene having played at semi/professional levels in multiple titles over the last 15 years.

    Although I started PC gaming in the early days of Medal of Honor, vCoD and CoD2 I'm predominately known for my time playing in some of the biggest and best teams/organisations through CoD4 ProMod's era, conveniently one of the main games battalion is inspired from. During this time I created a YouTube channel where I posted tutorials, tips and tricks, fragmovies etc which has also stemmed to other games such as CS:GO and allowed me to amass over 55,000 subscribers. I've also competed at high level in CS:GO, League and Overwatch.

    Over the last year I have been aiding the development of Battalion 1944 by visiting the studio to give feedback on the games direction and mechanical fundamentals to help ensure the base of the game is setup for success in the competitive FPS market, recently I decided to accept a job working full time on the game as I believe in the direction and would love to see the game succeed and allow players, especially the ones who missed the early era of FPS games be able to experience the great competitive fundamentals of a well made shooter.

    As previously mentioned my job role here is QA & jr community manager so I balance my time between finding bugs and glitches and helping to iron out any problems with the game, therefore if you find any problems - that's on me. The rest of my time is spent answering your questions or concerns, creating informative media such as videos and images outlining changes within the game while generally being available to query at any time.

    You can find me on twitter at https://twitter.com/phantasyftw or available on discord in the battalion channels.

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  2. Shotguns will feature in the game, you can compare it to the shotgun of cod2, the gun is viable only in certain situations and areas on the map (although it was used primarily because it was the only class with smoke in cod2) but we will always continue to do our best in balancing every weapon, so I wouldn't worry about it being OP. 

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  3. Hi cablama and welcome, 

    due to the nature of the game and that it is based around being a competitive shooter comparable to current games like cs:go, battalion, at least at its base will never feature vehicles. 

    With the game being created on ue4 it's not to say that it would be completely impossible a long way in future to have custom mods created that could implement such a feature on custom maps hosted on dedi servers, much like csgo has on some community made maps, but I cant confirm that would ever happen and can only speculate that it would be possible in the future 

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