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    Dealing with Toxic Players - Recent Players List?

    Yeah, that'd be good or even implement the "Prefer this Player" / "Avoid This Player" feature that Overwatch has... just a shame OW's never seem to work!
  2. After a run in with a particularly toxic player this afternoon, it has impressed the importance of having a method of dealing with toxicity that expands on the in-match reporting feature. Incident I joined an arcade game of domination that was nearing completion and this child that was raging at everyone, throwing out slurs left, right and centre because he was losing. I didn't really think much of it because after years of online gaming, pathetic behaviour like this is sadly the norm, and none of it appeared to be aimed at any one particular individual. I didn't really realise at the time, but he attempted to vote-kick me as the map finished - I saw something flash up on the corner of my screen, but as the map was over, I exited the game and went for a cigarette. Anyway, fast forward 10 minutes and I attempt to find another arcade game, only this time I join in the pre-match. I'd been in the game less than a minute or two, without realising that I'd been paired with the previously mentioned child and suddenly I'm being vote-kicked for literally no reason. I've managed to track down his Steam profile and report it, but I cannot really see anything happening with that because it isn't account related... and well, let's be honest, Steam aren't really going to do anything unless his behaviour on Steam is affecting their bottom line. Suggestion Something akin to a Recent Players list where we can report toxic behaviour after the fact. EDIT: Happy to supply his Steam profile if anyone from Bulkhead wants to make note of it / look into it. EDIT #2: Judging by the stream of comments on his profile, this kid makes a habit of this behaviour across every game he plays.
  3. KunninLynguist

    Springfield Iron Sights

    Are there any plans to put in an iron-sight bolt action rifle, such as the Springfield without a scope on the American side? The Garand is decent, but Carbine just feels like a waste of space, in my opinion. Finding quite a lot of games become quite one-sided when you have a good KAR98k player or two on the German side.
  4. KunninLynguist

    Need a server provider with ftp access

    I don't believe GS are automatically applying the updates, but for future reference it's under the Mods tab on the Dashboard.
  5. KunninLynguist

    Server Error: 139

    Recently moved our 16 slot London server to Gameservers.com due to the lack of access to the Deck .JSON files with Multiplay and we're encountering a repeated error that crashes the server after an undetermined period of time OR when the server starts to fill up. Encountered these initially with update 10849, switched servers to different locations (Amsterdam, Frankfurt and back to London) and haven't been able to get the server running at all on update 10849 (refuses to start, keeps displaying error 139 and eventually reaches restart limit) Since then I've reverted to the default server (sans 10849 patch) and the server has been up and running again... but it has gone back to crashing after so much up time / so many players join. I've notified GS about this issue, but they're saying it's a game issue, rather than a server issue. Attached is the recent crash log, our DefaultGame.ini and TDMDeck1.json. I'll update this thread with more information - going to attempt to measure how long it takes to crash when the server isn't close to full capacity. CrashLog.txt DefaultGame.ini TDMDeck1.json
  6. KunninLynguist

    Need a server provider with ftp access

    Have you updated your server to 10849? I tried finding your server in the Server Browser / 3rd Party one @sauerman made and it wasn't appearing (wanted to know slot size in case that was causing issues for us). I wasn't able to locate your server in either the in-game or the 3rd Party browser, so reinstalled ours and didn't apply Update 10849 and our server loads up perfectly fine... just nobody can find it without using the console!
  7. KunninLynguist

    Need a server provider with ftp access

    You had any issues with crashes and Error 139 since setting up on GS, @Mojo?
  8. KunninLynguist

    Need a server provider with ftp access

    Just bumped into one of your clan mates who came in our server. I've just requested a refund and went with GameServers... I've got a Rifles Only server setup and tweaked inside an hour with GS! connect if anyone is interested. Server is setup as follows: GER Primary Weapon: KAR98K Secondary Weapon: KAR98K Scope 1 x Grenade USA Primary Weapon: KAR98K Secondary Weapon: Springfield Scope 1 x Grenade
  9. KunninLynguist

    Need a server provider with ftp access

    I don't blame you! If I was in your shoes, I'd give Multiplay until the middle of the week to sort their shit out - gotta get in quick with niche server types. We're also a Rifles Only clan, been playing together since CoD5, but vast majority of us date back to playing Rifles Only on CoD1 / UO / 2 / MOHAA etc. What's the name of your clan? We've probably seen you around!
  10. KunninLynguist

    Need a server provider with ftp access

    I'm in the same boat with Multiplay regarding the deck files, last I spoke with Support, they're waiting for their senior staff to come in tomorrow to see what they can do to give us access to the deck files or at least the ability to create and reference our own. I'm going to wait it out until we're due to renew before I consider jumping ship.
  11. KunninLynguist

    Server Files: Weapon Loadouts

    Yeah, I know, Multiplay have referred back to Bulkhead.
  12. KunninLynguist

    Server Files: Weapon Loadouts

    Cheers, bet Multiplay are just putting them in the wrong folder I get the impression that for some reason the servers are sharing .jsons from some of the comments I've had from support
  13. KunninLynguist

    Server Files: Weapon Loadouts

    Servers rented from Multiplay don't allow access to anything bar the defaultgame.ini at the moment. They've added in some duplicate jsons, but they're not being picked up by the game. EDIT: Could you do me a favour? Rename one of the .json files and then reference it in your defaulgame.ini? If it works and uses the json file, it'll rule out the game refusing to work with files that aren't the default name... which will indicate Multiplay aren't storing their copies of the JSONS in the correct folder. Shall post back here when I get anywhere with them!
  14. KunninLynguist

    Server Files: Weapon Loadouts

    So, I have been working with Kevin @ Multiplay today to try and find a solution (hence the appearance of the .json files on the template). Unfortunately, those .json files do not work. Either they aren't in the correct location or Battalion 1944 won't accept anything but the default json file names (TDMDeck0.json, FFADeck0.json etc) This is the last response I received: Hello Richard, I'd have to put it back to the default setup for now then, as I know this is all on Ubuntu so it should be able to get these files per server. However I'd have to get someone who integrated the game to look at getting it implemented so I don't know how long it would be till we get this. You can view this issue on our support portal, here: https://support.multiplay.co.uk/support/tickets/7477822 Thank you, Kevin "Bandito Dorito" Baker Level 2 Technical Operations
  15. KunninLynguist

    login console command

    As Soldat has stated, you need to add the below line to your DefaultGame.ini below the header [/Script/ShooterGame.BattalionGameMode]: +AddSteamIDs"219309129302193012" You need your steamID64, which you can get from https://steamidfinder.com/ I've poorly explained it in this thread if you need a reference: