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  1. nobodyfam0us

    Capture the Flag (with 5 Flags/Locations)

    still SND ... cod was made to be more objective base.. i love cod's ctf and tdm, but hardpoint was where it changed the game big time... im not sure if it was still headquaters back then
  2. nobodyfam0us

    Capture the Flag (with 5 Flags/Locations)

    i do still believe point capture is the way to go... if snd is the target for pc competitive ... this probably wont work out well especially with cs owning SND gameplay and codww2 coming out and having the more popular fanbase just my thought anyways
  3. nobodyfam0us

    Capture the Flag (with 5 Flags/Locations)

    yes i played it this week... the maps are too big and the game is too slow... i was more excited for it maybe you are right its in the past i just wanted to know what kind of capture system you guys had like the cod2 style, world at war.... etv ya there was about 1 other player when i gave it a shot... maybe farq-s is right dod type games havent aged well...
  4. like day of defeat style... i found that it was very good and competitive having to capture 4-5-6 (depending how big and small the map) of flags/locations/buildings to get full map caps. having 2 critical 2 man capture flags.... a thought... example: below there is 4 regular flags and the fountain in the middle is a 2man capture point for a full map cap! if not cool...
  5. nobodyfam0us

    Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    you could almost make this map look like dod_caen/merderet or dod_anzio ... all combined into one almost the exact layout... i loved the way day of defeat skined there game.... yes i know its dated... but it was 12 years ago lol that was good
  6. nobodyfam0us

    What keyboard do you have?

    CM Storm Rapid Fire Stealth Reds
  7. nobodyfam0us

    What mouse do you have?

    i own the Logitech G403/G502 love both, use it at around 1800dpi-4000dpi depending on the game