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  1. DDD saying hi

    our lineup was lighters myz germaine and mark and i dont remember anything from that lan tbh
  2. DDD saying hi

    what team did you play with? and did you attend i42?
  3. come a promod ore pammod

    he played bo2? pretty sure i remember that guy
  4. Few Ideas by jackis

    then hes better than you cause he managed to headshot you with his first bullet after you failed to kill him with three it would also make the game slow/boring as fuck tbh
  5. Competitive Players

    what was your brothers nick?
  6. Rifle Balance

    keep this information to the alpha-private-discussion forum or you're breaking the NDA
  7. Download the game?

    Edited 7 hours ago by WeAsOne not taking sides but his comment was edited so who knows what he said before
  8. hi my name is machine

    hi bby
  9. What mouse do you have?

    yeah the 1600dpi versions are pretty rare, the 1800dpi version has angle snapping/prediction so they are not as good but a lot more common because they are the "newest" version
  10. What mouse do you have?

    sell it then, they go for 100 euro +
  11. What mouse do you have?

    1600dpi? ill buy it
  12. Competitive Players

    was luck...
  13. Mapping: CoD4 citystreets

    and why was that? cause you can't rush B with more than one guy because of all the exploding cars...
  14. Filmtweaks?

    sounds great