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  1. If we talk about historical accuracy, don't remove svastikas like they did in WW2 and then we'll be able to talk about other things
  2. Game rating

    Just edit HTML and show your parents the edited version where it says 12+ easy
  3. Game rating

    Ehm, just wondering... You are not from Europe right?
  4. Yes, wouldn't say influenced but sponsored.
  5. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    From what I heard there are people who would translate the game to their language even for free.
  6. Well, i said developers don't care about us. They rather goto EGX cologne , and the people who preordered are nothing for them
  7. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Of course there will be possibility to have more than 5vs5 in private (own hosted servers). As in every game you should be able to edit everything (game type settings, slots etc..).
  8. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    If u played CoD1 - CoD5 you would know it's unplayable to play for example with 64 people in one server as you can see in Battlefield. It would require a special mod for example Zombie mod or CoDJumper. I cannot imagine playing 32 vs 32 S&D on default maps It would have to be really big map to be playable but still it would be kind of weird in my point of view.
  9. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    That's how it should be, right?
  10. Beta Release

    From what i have heard the game won't be free to play but it will cost around 13 eur = same as csgo. Microtransactions was already confirmed i guess as i heard somewhere about skins (which is good thing).
  11. pass

    Lol i thought new news were released and someone opened pointless topic
  12. Let's discuss about maps

    There was preorder from -> https://www.humblebundle.com/ from where I also preordered it - isn't that an ordinary preorder?
  13. Let's discuss about maps

    What was the point of preorders during March when they cannot even give us date for BETA ? Not gonna lie, If I knew that I won't have access to BETA around July-September, I would rather preorder Early Access version. And it was not really an off-topic. They changed many things so that info about maps could be already changed like 1000x times as other things. I'm just afraid this game will be in Alpha for 1 year like some well-known games. BETA will be postponed because of "E3 and ESL" that really needed weeks of preparation...
  14. Let's discuss about maps

    @[CM] phantasy @[CM] BigTuna @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON In that article BETA was set to be around July but there's only going to be third alpha week on August 18, so they are changing plans all the time, so who knows about the maps... I think developers are not doing the best to inform us about the game development. They opened preorders for BETA / Early Access without any approx date of release. Oh yeh, BETA had estimated time but it's already not going to be released around that date. I would really like to see updates and new information about BETA as someone who preordered it as the current information is out of date
  15. Text is sometimes hard to read because it's not all fixed yet but yes it's better. Anyway I would rather see some update about next alpha week or beta date...